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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get it Together! Your Daily Strategy for Success!

We all say that we are ready for change this year.  We talk about how it’s time to get revved up and go for the things that we want in 2013.  I think this is all great but in order to really see a change it’s time to change our daily habits and routines and incorporate activities that will get us closer to our goals.
There are 3 components to this simple daily strategy for success, but the hardest part is committing yourself to actually doing it. Once you commit yourself, the rest is easy as pie. Every great achiever implements daily rituals in their lives, so we want you to do the same:

  1. Begin a morning ritual which includes the following aspects:

Spiritual – This could include meditation, prayer gratitude writing, etc. Some form of connection to your Spirit. There are also prayer calls where a group of people call in and pray collectively and may even share a bible verse. This is my favorite but getting quiet and writing in a journal and meditating is great as well.
Mental – Reading inspiring books, watching videos, any material that will stimulate your mind positively. Stay away from negative images on the “Tele” and those high drama stupid reality shows that suck you into their superficial drama and suck up the time that you could be using to make your life fabulous.
 Physical – Yoga, walking in nature, exercise. You want to get your body in motion and work up a sweat. It’s also a good idea to have an 8oz. glass of water (room temp.) when you first wake up in the morning.
Your morning ritual is most effective in durations of 30 minutes to an hour, with an hour being ideal. However, make it suitable for your needs. Keep in mind this is crucial to your strategy for success.

  1. Begin an Evening Review:
Indulge in the “Mirror Exercise” (Author of “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, Jack Canfield)
ACKNOWLEDGE – With eye contact look in the mirror and acknowledge your wins and victories for the day – big or small. (For example I didn't lose my temper in traffic.)
AFFIRMATIONS – With eye contact look in the mirror and say the 5 core statements or use your own: I am enough, I am worthy & deserving, I forgive myself, I trust myself, I allow myself to receive.
I LOVE YOU – With eye contact look in the mirror and say to yourself “I Love You”!
These activities are the act of taking care of you, nourishing yourself and working on your self-confidence and esteem. When we take time for ourselves, we are both consciously and subconsciously telling ourselves that we matter and that we are valuable; that our needs are important. Believe it or not, this is one of the most important parts of being successful. Your mind and spirit is extremely powerful and the more you tap into this amazing supernatural resource and train your mind, thoughts and spirit to work in your favor, the more success you will see.
Some may say this is a bunch of hogwash, but the reality is most entrepreneurs are lacking the necessary self confidence and self esteem needed to be successful as a business owner. It will be impossible to attract leaders if you are not a leader yourself. This is precisely why so many people can't seem to make Network Marketing work for them. The time spent on building yourself up will pay off huge dividends. Just ask the top income earners! They will tell you all about the time they invested in THEMSELVES before they saw success. You just cannot get around it!

  1. Write down your daily tasks to complete:

It’s a good idea to write down you tasks the night before;
Calling leads
Social Media posting – adhere to a strict plan and then move on!
Offline marketing including meet-up groups, one-on-one presentations, chamber meetings, drop card marketing.
Whether you do online or offline marketing, or a combination of both, you want to write out your tasks clearly and check them off as you go along during the day. Doing this concrete action plan daily will net you tremendous results; and you will see yourself transform into the leader you knew you could be.
There is also a technique I’ve heard many marketing guru’s speak of called the 60-60-30. That they do to get more accomplished in a shorter period of time. There are variations to it but it pretty goes like this.
For the next 7 days write down daily the 3 most important tasks that you need to accomplish.  When thinking about them, ask yourself, “what’s the single most important thing that I can accomplish”.
At your most productive time of day, set a timer for 50mins, and do not answer the phone or check email. Absolutely no interruptions, then work straight through accomplishing these task until the timer goes off. Then for the next 10 minutes, take a walk, exercise, etc. but do not check the phone or email. Once your 10 mins. is up set the timer for 50 min. and work again. When the timer goes of this time, take your 10 min break and then set the timer for that last time for 30min. then work again.
Once this is accomplished you are finished for the day and you resume again the next day. This exercise is supposed to train you to get more concentrated work done in 2 ½ hours than you would in an 8hr workday.
If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire, then follow the breadcrumbs left by the top earners in the industry and start now by clicking here
All the Best!
Renee Starms

Monday, January 28, 2013

Do You Have An Intended Course of Action?

Okay, now that all of these these things are out of the way, what are you going to do about it? What are your intentions? Are you going to allow fear to stop you from letting your actions align with your vision? If you do, your goals and desires will be just daydreams. And if you’re tired of living on the sidelines you need to get up now and do something about it.
I’m not trying to come down hard on you as if I have the all of the answers or know your situation. But one thing that I do know is that most of us need to get out of our comfort zone, stretch ourselves and take action. And sometimes it takes someone to tell us or some event to change us and make us take action. I’m serious, do you realize all of the people around you waiting for you to get up and make a change? Your children, your spouse, even friends and co-workers because when people see you get up and reach for your dreams, it’s like a magnet and you restore hope and strength to those around you.
If you have an idea for a business or a passion to do something you need to take the first step, just research it and see what’s needed to get going. And if you ever wanted to sell anything online it’s time for you to get the training. And some of the best training to build a successful business online, with a supportive community is right here.
You can also earn while you learn, so there’s a double benefit. A readymade blogging platform, to immediately get your message across or share your wares, 100% instant commission paid directly to you, as well as exposure that you could never get just starting a venture in your local market or online by yourself. Not to mention the ridiculously low entry fee that will at least provide you with the opportunity to check it out and get access to internet marketing training from some of the best in the industry, hands down.
I know this sounds a bit “salesy” but when you find out how empowering and life changing this situation is, you’ll be feeling the same way. And you’ll be happy to share this with as many people as you possibly can, just like me. Don’t let fear make you lazy, take a look first then decide.
I am grateful to have started my journey to reach for my dreams. If you have the desire and vision to do something that you know would make your life fulfilled then it’s time to stop putting it off. Set your intentions with laser focus to go for what you want and just get started now in 2013. I wish I had the courage to have started much sooner but I invite you to do the same. J
All the best!
Renee Starms

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are You Ready Now?

When it comes to the things that we say we want in life. It’s funny how a great many of us don’t back up what we say with actions. Just look around at the vast majority of people you see. I am not saying people are lazy. I am speaking of the longer term dreams and goals that when people are young they gleefully speak about a mansion in some fancy neighborhood, an exotic vacation, or a fancy car. Then as time goes on and the challenges of life set in, we settle for the simple things and just push those elusive big dreams further in the background.
Well, what if I told you about a way to change this and stop settling because you’ve given up, but instead, get plugged into a community where you are encouraged to dig up those old buried dreams and start working towards reaching them on a daily basis. At your own pace, and earning while you are learning and discovering your true strengths and breaking free of the limiting mindset you’ve been living with.  Doesn’t that sound better than just giving up? Of course it does. I’m not speaking of stretching yourself past what you are able to handle but, at least make an effort to reach and be intentional. It’s all up to you. The funny thing is, when you make a conscious intentional effort to do something that you have always dreamed of doing, as you stick with it and work towards it, little by little, day by day, it gets easier AND you build up confidence as well as belief in yourself. The byproduct is that you begin to feel good about you and your life anyway whether you reach your mark or not. At least you are trying. How great is that!
Can you imagine, as you learn a skill that will give you the ability to reach tons of people to create any type of business that you desire or share ideas and information on the internet, you also have the ability to EARN extremely good money? I know, it does kinda sound too good to be true but this is exactly what thousands of people are doing right now.
There are thousands who had given up on their dreams and lost hope. Thinking that where they are presently, they would just have to deal with it and forget about whatever dreams they had of creating a lifestyle that they could enjoy. Or helping people and being the person they visualized years before. Well, that is not the case any longer. The minute you began reading this, you just opened a window of opportunity to “Real Freedom” No BS!…. that you didn’t realize existed. Yes, I mean exactly what I said. There is a way for you to change everything right now….so don’t short change yourself, go here and check it out. It’s much more than what you may be thinking.
I dare you to get up and start living! No more excuses….here’s your chance. 
God Bless you!
Renee Starms

Friday, January 25, 2013

When Opportunity knocks..........

All over the internet there are many people talking about The Empower Network, and how the event in Austin,TX last weekend changed their lives.
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but I have made it my most heartfelt intention to be at the  Chicago event in April. And I am talking my whole family with me. There is no doubt that a great many benefits come from attending events. But I was told that what took place in Austin, was something unheard of. Many claim that they received a breakthrough. They are saying they understand what their purpose is now, and I believe them, but I also believe that what some experienced was an impartation. This is when something that someone has spiritually is imparted or transferred to another. Literally giving to you in a spiritual sense; their energy, their drive, and their vision.
Wow! This is amazing on so many levels and if you know anything about the short history of the Empower Network, you’ll will be able to recognize that this could very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved with a group of people who have a tremendous VISION and are transforming the lives and helping those around them in the “realest” way possible. This is not some cliché filled with a bunch of BS, this is “The Real Deal” that is why not only will I attend but I am telling everyone that I know about it because there is an open door to freedom being offered right now and for those who see it, you can’t let it pass you by. And as a human being, it should be your moral duty to share this information with others. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but go to youtube and see the countless testimonies for yourself.
To have 4,000 people attend an event where 95% of the attendees have earned money with Empower Network, and many earning thousands, if not hundred thousands, and the company is only 14 months old! Really, I don’t know what to compare it to. It’s not just about the money. It’s much much deeper but I urge you to click the link and check things out for yourself.
If you love yourself and your family and you are ready to get off of your butt, stop making excuses and letting fear control you, then you owe it to yourself and your family to get plugged in and find out what I am talking about.
My husband and I have 3 young adult children, and a 4 yr old son diagnosed with autism. We are not babies and I can’t find a corporate job like I had before making $70,000+ nor could I take it if I did because I need to be with my son. Of course, the older children are trying to find their way and it’s a blessing to be able to help them. I am so grateful for this opportunity. It allowed us to continue to LIVE and dream and know that we can do whatever we choose. You need to check it out for at least a month. Then figure out if it’s for you or not.
Let this be the year of “Real Change” for you. Stop suffering, you are the one with the power to change it. We have the best training, Stellar, and a supportive community, The DREAM TEAM, that will help you if you are willing to do these things:
1.       Commit
2.       Focus
3.       Follow instruction
4.       Fight your fear
It’s time. It’s time. It’s time to get up. You are the only one that can do it. And you will make it! How blessed you will be when you take hold of this opportunity and lock arms with us, get free and help others get free too. I look forward to meeting you in Chicago. J
From my heart, I wish you and your family the very best!
Renee Starms

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Are What You Think, And You Get It Too!

 "As a man thinketh, so is he."......What are you thinking?
Have you ever had someone ask you this question? There are endless scenarios were this question could be appropriate. But right now, I’d really like for you to think about it.
What you thinking? And I mean in terms of everything….
In every aspect of your life; your health, your career, your lifestyle, your future, your relationships, your children, your responsibilities and the circumstances that you may find yourself in right now.
Do you know that when your thoughts align with what you want you place yourself in a better position to get what you want?
It may sound a little hoaky but we’ve all heard something similar before.
You have to really examine this question. Getting to the bottom of this can have a profound effect on your life. So set aside some time to really figure it out.  Get to a quiet place and examine your thoughts. You say that you want things in your life to be better; your health, your finances, etc. But although you say it, do you really mean it and believe that they can be?
And this is the thing. You have to have your thoughts in alignment with what you want, plain and simple. If you are thinking that nothing ever changes. Or that you don’t have the time or the energy to put forth to make things better, then you will get more of what you think.  And your actions will be in line with how you really feel and think. This can cause procrastination and prolong you getting to where ever it is you really want to be. Thinking that you are essentially defeated and maybe it’s too late for you to do anything but daydream about; like getting that house on the hill, or the new car or family vacation simply because you can’t see your way past paying the light bill is something you have to change.
I know that it takes effort to change how you are thinking because you have to become conscious of it. Yes, there are thoughts we just think subconsciously and automatically but if we want to better our situation we have to be aware of our thoughts and make an effort to remain focused on what we want. We don’t have the luxury of thinking one way and expecting our outcome to be different. If you want change it starts with you, and it starts with how you think.
You have to get focused and set goals and believe that you can achieve them. And if there are any doubts or thoughts you may be harboring to the contrary then you have to get to the bottom of them. Find out why you think the way you do and find the solution to change your thoughts about yourself and your situation it at the core. You will have to work to eradicate any negative or contrary thoughts that would hinder whatever it is you want but of course, it’s worth it. Why daydream and watch on the sidelines as someone else lives the life you are dreaming about? Just get up! Wherever you are a start taking baby steps to live the life you want.
If you are ready to begin thinking right and moving in the direction of your dreams, then get on with living and pushing towards the lifestyle and goals that you want to accomplish,  get ideas and tips on setting goals and conditioning yourself to think better right here.
Make 2013 your best year ever!
Renee Starms