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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just 3 Steps.....BOOM! Marketing Success!

Do you know what it takes to successfully market your business online?
It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think or as mysterious as it may seem.
Once you make a clear decision on these 3 simple things, you can transform your business and successfully market any business online.
If you have a skill or service you want to share online, then by all means learn as much as you can about these 3 simple steps:
1.       Know your audience. People get excited about a product or service that they decide to sell and they think it is something that is good for EVERYONE and they think that everyone will want it. Well, this is problem #1. No matter how great your product or service is and no matter who needs it, everyone is not going to buy it.  So you need to determine who the person is who will buy it. This means creating what is called in marketing, your Avatar. An avatar is as much information as possible about your ideal prospect/ customer.  This means knowing their level of education, their current income, their problems, where they live, what they buy and what they need.
2.       What is your message.  If you want to raise your chances of success in sales, you’ve got to not only study #1 above, but you’ve got to know what they are struggling with. What issues are they trying to solve. And after you determine what their problems are, you need to address them with a solution. Your message should convey an understanding of what they are dealing with and how your services or skills can help them overcome it. Your message has to let them know that you have the solution.
3.       Where will you place your message.  In order for you to reach YOUR audience. You’ve got to know where your audience will look. For example, if you sell bodybuilding products, you wouldn’t place an ad in a baby magazine. If you are reasonably intelligent you will consider a fitness magazine or a bodybuilding magazine that caters to YOUR audience.
So to create success in marketing, it can really be just this simple. It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs don’t experience success because they don’t take the time to figure out these 3 simple steps.  Just remember, the more you know about your audience, Your Avatar; their interest and their struggles, the more successful your marketing efforts will be.
If you are ready to experience marketing success online, then NOW , more than ever before is the best time for you to get started.  Coming soon there is an amazing platform that will allow you to market from your smartphone.
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