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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hmmm.......Old School Postcard Mailing. What do you think?

 I can't believe I am actually writing a post about this but a few days ago I stumbled across a Facebook friend who has been having great success simply mailing postcards.


I was a bit surprised but I thought about it for a  minute then continued to study the information she was sharing. And after much research and watching several videos, I made the following decision;

1. Given the fact that there are still people who may not be totally computer and tech savvy as myself, 😉 there is a whole market of people out there who want to make some decent part time money with a second income stream.

Disabled people, retired people,  even young people who may be having a difficult time finding a job.  And certainly let's not forget about the stay at home mom. ( I fall into the latter category).

This time of year, people need to buy school clothes, supplies, etc. and need money for a whole host of things. The holidays are right around the corner.

So after delving into this idea and getting more and more excited the more information I came across. I gave it a shot, and literally within a few hours of making a post on Facebook I had two people join me, so now I'm on fire.🔥

I can certainly use a few extra hundred bucks 💰💰💰 a week and I;m not ashamed to tell the world I am mailing postcards because it happens to be a pretty traditional marketing thing.

So really!

If you feel the way that I do and just want to test it out. Click here to start for FREE! Yes, FREE! and get the extra money 💰💰💰 you need for your bills.


P.S. Any questions? connect with me on messenger; at m.me/reneestarms

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