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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tribepro - The Ultimate Social Network Tool

Tribepro is the ultimate social network syndication tool for those who want to get their content to the masses more rapidly than it would normally be.
Breaking into social media can be a daunting task for anyone. One person can make a ripple, but harnessing the power of a network of people can make a SPLASH!
And building a strong network takes time, but there are tools out there that can help you. TribePro is a tool that claims to do just that.This network is made up of a group of individuals who are all working toward the same purpose. They are divided into different tribes depending on their interests. You choose the best tribe for your content which is sent via RSS feed as soon as you post something. The tribe can then share your content on over 51 social media and social networking websites, creating buzz about you that is picked up by the search engines that will in turn bump you up in organic searches. This is great news since 85% of Google users do not look past the first page of results when conducting a search.
The platform is designed to be easy enough for the newcomer to use without trouble. It is automated in both sharing content of your own as well as that of others in your tribe. The messages are ‘spinnable’ making it easy to create unique looking messages that do not look like spam and tht are more likely to be consumed and shared by others. TribePro also has a great support team ready to help when you need it and their tracking tools will tell you who is sharing your content and where. An important part of sharing online content is being able to know where most of the traffic to your website comes from so you can more effectively target your market. This makes analytical tools an important part of your marketing efforts.
A downside to this method of sharing information is the necessity of also having a content syndicating program. TribePro recommends the use of Only wire. It is free to sign up and start using, but there is a bandwidth cap of 300 submissions for the trial. You can upgrade to as high as 100,000 submissions and overages are charged at $0.05 each. This cap includes content you are sharing from others as well as the content you want to share so it is important to be sure you do not use all your bandwidth to share the content of others and to keep some for yourself. If you are running on a tight budget, it is recommended you do the math and monitor your bandwidth usage so you do not exceed your cap and end up paying for the overages.
I made the mistake of syndicating over 5 people 5 times a day and my 1,000 submissions were used up within a week.
Unfortunately, this downfall is unavoidable when syndicating content, but using the system will save you countless hours. It is a great tool for any blogger or article writer as well as for anyone who might be looking to drive more traffic to their website. Adding the tribe to syndicated content makes this a very valuable tool.
You can try TribePro at no charge and risk free on their website, www.tribepro.com and upgrade at any time. Sign up takes less than a minute and if you choose one of the paid options, a percentage of revenue generated goes to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.
Tribepro is the ultimate social network syndication tool for those who want to get their content to the masses more rapidly than it would normally be.
It’s definitely worth a try. Well, goodbye for now.
All the Best!
Renee Starms

Friday, January 27, 2012

How to jumpstart your Internet Business…or any business for that matter!

The life source for every business is customers. If you don’t have people to talk you, you won’t have any customers, and eventually you won’t have a business. 
It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is you still need people to talk to and when you’re first starting out, this can be a real challenge.  Especially in the online world, if you plan on building a serious online business that pays your bills and sustains your family. Not just extra pocket money or a few extra hundred dollars a month, you need to be very proactive about sharing information about your business.  This is having your very own  surefire lead generation tool is your wisest option.
It can take several months or even longer to build a list with traditional avenues like; article writing, blogging, video marketing, and even worse, pay per click.  Don’t get me wrong, these are great ways to build a list…eventually.
But if you’re not an SEO expert and don’t have the magic keywords to reach the first page of Google, you could be waiting quite a while to get your business off the ground. So if you’re short on time and money like I was and need to see results much quicker, or else you have to find a nine to five or marry the old man down the street. Just kidding!  It’s in your best interest to acquire the proper tools to reach as many people as quickly as possible to share your information with.
This is why I am telling you about LeadNetPro. There are many people that have written reviews about it (including myself) and some like it while some don’t. But in a very practical sense, it just makes sense to have it. I have found myself with an idea for a campaign that I wanted to get to a certain group of people, like ASAP, and with this tool, I was able to focus on creating my campaign and when it was ready, I sent it out within minutes of extracting the emails (over 1,000) of the audience that I wanted to reach. My phone began ringing a few hours later. Wow!
To me, this is really powerful. It has ensured my ability to stay in this industry.  And I feel confident about what I can earn because I know that I will always have an unlimited amount of people to share my business with. It’s truly up to me. I can’t begin to tell you how free it feels. Sure, you have to learn how to use this lead generation tool  and it still may not work for everyone although it will definitely work for the majority of people.
It’s a no brainer; you pay a nice size licensing fee one time, but nothing too outrageous then a small monthly fee around $20.  This enables you to have unlimited leads in pretty much in any area that your imagination can conceive. It provides you with the ability to send out unlimited emails and phone broadcast within minutes of thinking of an idea for a campaign. It’s also great because it helps you eliminate procrastination by allowing you to just jump in and go for the idea that you have, to “just do it”. And if you’ve ever been in sales or marketing, you know this is truly phenomenal.
Aside from all of the wonderful reasons I just shared with you, they have the “nerve” to allow you to make money selling this incredible system to others. You can sell it out right or you can sell leads to other businesses and act as an advertising agency.
Now who would not want a powerful tool such as this in their arsenal?
I now there are people out there silly enough to think LeadNetPro isn’t all that I have just said it is. But do yourself a favor, check out the demo and judge for yourself.
www.leadsunlimted.com  (without the second i )
Well, signing off for now.
Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at internetmoney@reneestarms.com .  I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prospect to Win!

Have you ever wondered how some people can find people to talk to and sell them their opportunity to easily while others struggle and can’t seem to get past a simple introduction? Well, those who have mastered the art of prospecting and recruiting know that there is a system, albeit and simple system involved that needs to be implemented to complete the process of prospecting to closing.
Those who have taken the time to master the simple steps involved in the prospecting process, have increased their results dramatically and made their sales goals a reality.  You always hear marketers say, “buy this and have instant selling success” or” this will create sales for you automatically”.  I must say, there are good systems out there but nothing is going to do your job for you. You have to roll up your sleeves and learn the proper prospecting techniques to close sales, even in the internet marketing industry.
If you want to earn an income online and free yourself from you financial crisis, your awful job,  take your dream vacation, etc, etc., take the time to invest in yourself.  There’s a lot of free information online and you simply need to plug in. Be mindful to follow the steps diligently and as with anything else, practice makes perfect.  I can truly tell you from experience that the rewards beyond great.  You’ll be giving yourself the best thing ever if your goal is to be a successful salesperson or marketer.
Once you have created your funnel and you begin getting people to talk to, don’t let them go to waste by not processing them properly.  Whether you meet them online by social networking or at the grocery store, you need to follow these simple techniques to make sure you have done everything you can to give them the opportunity to make an informed decision about what you have to offer as well as properly processing whatever leads come your way.
I have created a checklist booklet to guide you in this process. Simply enter your name and email address on my site,
I will gladly send it to you absolutely free to start you on your way to prospecting success.
Feel free to leave me a comment on facebook and let me know how it worked out for you.
All the Best!
Renee Starms

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your “Must Have” Daily Strategy for Achieving Success

There are 3 components to this simple daily strategy for success, but the hardest part is committing yourself to actually doing it. Once you commit yourself, the rest is easy as pie. Every great achiever implements daily rituals in their lives, so we want you to do the same:

  1. Begin a morning ritual which includes the following aspects:
Spiritual – This could include meditation, prayer gratitude writing, etc. Some form of connection to your Spirit.

Mental – Reading inspiring books, watching videos, any material that will stimulate your mind positively.

Physical – Yoga, walking in nature, exercise. You want to get your body in motion and work up a sweat.

Your morning ritual is most effective in durations of 30 minutes to an hour, with an hour being ideal. However, make it suitable for your needs. Keep in mind this is crucial to your strategy for success.

  1. Begin an Evening Review:
Indulge in the “Mirror Exercise” (Author of “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, Jack Canfield)

ACKNOWLEDGE – With eye contact look in the mirror and acknowledge your wins and victories for the day – big or small. (For example I didn't lose my temper in traffic.)

AFFIRMATIONS – With eye contact look in the mirror and say the 5 core statements or use your own: I am enough, I am worthy & deserving, I forgive myself, I trust myself, I allow myself to receive.

I LOVE YOU – With eye contact look in the mirror and say to yourself “I Love You”!

These activities are the act of taking care of you, nourishing yourself and working on your self-confidence and esteem. When we take time for ourselves, we are both consciously and subconsciously telling ourselves that we matter and that we are valuable; that our needs are important.

Some may say this is a bunch of hogwash, but the reality is most entrepreneurs are lacking the necessary self confidence and self esteem needed to be successful as a business owner. It will be impossible to attract leaders if you are not a leader yourself. This is precisely why so many people can't seem to make Network Marketing work for them. The time spent on building yourself up will pay off huge dividends. Just ask the top income earners! They will tell you all about the time they invested in THEMSELVES before they saw success. You just cannot get around it!

  1. Write down your daily tasks to complete:

Calling leads
Social Media posting – adhere to a strict plan and then move on!
Offline marketing including meet-up groups, one-on-one presentations, chamber meetings, drop card marketing.

Whether you do online or offline marketing, or a combination of both, you want to write out your tasks clearly and check them off as you go along during the day. Doing this concrete action plan daily will net you tremendous results; and you will see yourself transform into the leader you knew you could be.

It only takes 21 days to make these simple tasks habits, yet they will have a profound impact on your eventual success. It’s just like strengthening your muscles, if you perform these exercises daily, you will only get stronger.

If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire, then like me on facebook and we’ll send you a free gift on personal success development.

All the Best!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Abundance: Sharpen your goal setting and achieving machine

Some people look at a glass and call it half empty while others can look at the same glass and call it half full. The way you perceive things is vital to your goal setting and your ability to achieve them.   You hear in the news about how tough economy is and how hard times are.  But, as long as there are people, there is someone buying something from somebody, so there are a lot of people making tons of money.  
Now is your time to decide to make things work for you. You have to change your outlook and determine to focus on the abundance all around you.  You can turn your life around this year. With a few conscious choices and discipline, you can set and achieve some long desired goals. You simply have to be willing to put in the work. 
Say to yourself daily, “There is abundance all around me” repeat it a few times a day and do it for at least 21 days until it sinks into your subconscious. You’ll be surprised at how energized and confident you’ll begin to feel about achieving your goals.
So let’s see what 5 components make up your goal setting and achieving machine:
Of course, #1 is, set goals, and be specific as possible.
Then #2, plan a strategy for achieving them, this can be simple if the steps are pretty clear, for example, if your goal is to become a lawyer then you know that you have to possibly take and pass the Law School Admission Test and go to law school. It’s pretty straight forward.
Other strategies to goal achievement may not be so clear. This is when you have to “discover” the steps to take to achieve your goals and part of this process is allowing yourself time to relax and visualize your goals, so that your subconscious creative power can help guide you in the proper direction. I know this sounds a little hokey but it actually works. 
This also helps with step #3 which is build belief, if you have a strong belief or conviction about what you are doing, it energizes you and gives you the strength to continue to pursue your goals even when obstacles arise. Belief is extremely powerful.
 #4 is develop strengths.  If you know that you are lacking in some of the skills or knowledge needed to achieve your goals, take the necessary steps to gain that knowledge.  Study the experts, read, take classes and do whatever is required to help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to make your goals a reality.
Put in the work!
 And last but not least, #5 continually manage your progress and your process. ..review, proceed, revise and recycle.  Review your goals regularly, check where you are and forge on to the next step. Revise your goals if necessary, there may be a few things you need to change as you progress.  And recycle, sometimes things happen that put certain goals on the back burner.  It might be time to re-energize them and rev them up again.
Stay focused; keep your goals in the forefront of your mind this year. Practice these types of goal setting activities and you’ll be surprised at how much you accomplish this year!
If you’re serious about setting some goals and not letting this year pass until they are accomplished.  Leave a comment about the goal(s) you have set on facebook so we can cheer you on.
All the Best!
Renee Starms

Friday, January 20, 2012

How to be A "Real" Internet Marketer

You hear so much about what to do to be successful as an internet marketer and sometimes, it’s just mindboggling. You scramble around trying to find content for your blog. Then you try to determine who to reach out to, whether online, or friends and even strangers, in order to make your dreams of earning a living online a reality.
Well, now that I have stuck it out for a while, the mysteries of earning an income online are finally unfolding and I’m able to put “two and two together”. It actually took me a minute to understand why I need an auto responder, a blog, and various other “tools” to run my operation smoothly.
No one really seems tells you about all of the tools and tactics that are required to make internet marketing work. Besides all of the information that is thrown at you. There are countless companies marketing something new every day, and for a minute, and it’s easy to fall prey to them.
It’s almost like a right of passage to scour around by yourself and hope the hype that’s being presented to you is legitimate.
Well, I decided to blog about this in hopes of helping someone else lessen their learning curve. I will fill you in on a few companies that I have found to be very helpful to me. Most of them, you can try out for yourself for a nominal fee (and some  for free) to see if they suit you.
So the systems and steps are as follows, and they don’t necessarily have to be in this order:
  1. Get a WordPress blog – Free
  2. Get an Empower Network Blog - $25 a month – here you’ll get excellent training and a very  supportive community to learn what your daily activities should be and how to link your free WordPress blog with you Empower Network blog to be most effective and get ranked quicker with more exposure while generating an income helping others learn to blog too.
  3. MLSP ( which stands for My Lead System Pro) – is hands down the best training platform to learn all of the ins and  outs of various strategies to create a successful online business. And they have many tools and a great supportive community. They also have terrific capture pages to begin building your list immediately.
  4. I f you ever run out of topics to blog about and just can’t think of anything,  MLM PLR Store is a great source to get private label rights,  pre-written articles  to ensure you do a blog post daily. but don't be lazy....learn to write you own content.
  5. IM Tool Suite, is an awesome capture page creator, you can create a page within a few minutes a be ready to blast it  out. They also have a plethora of great tools; video emails, webinar software ,etc.
  6. Of course, you must have an autoresponder like  Aweber or get response to build your list.. This is critical. This should have actually been #2 of the steps.
  7. Create a Youtube account (free) or other video social account and start making videos daily as well. This helps increase your credibility.
  8. If you need to jumpstart your efforts, you don’t want to leave out LeadNetPro. Some would consider this almost cheating because it's an email extractor whereby you can create a campaign then have thousands of emails extracted within minutes to send it to.
They key to success is branding yourself and building a list. You want to get into the habit of blogging and creating content daily. This is a skill you definitely want to learn how to do properly. It  is the foundation for most successful marketers.
this is my two cents and of course, as you look further into each of these systems, you decide which direction you want to take to grow your business. There will be certainly be other tools and training you will need but consider this a pretty decent start.
There are countless internet gurus who have extremely valuable information and within these aforementioned programs, you will truly find the “Cream of the Crop”.
All of these tools have had a great impact on my internet marketing training and career. I would not do without any of them.
If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of these programs,  sign up at www.reneestarms.com  for invaluable free information how to put this internet marketing thing together.
All the Best!
Renee Starms

Thursday, January 19, 2012

100% Commissions with The Empower Network

Everyone’s talking about Empower Network: 100% Commissions, 100% Commissions, 100% Commissions. Exciting is an understatement. For many new marketers, this is the first time that they are seeing results in the first few weeks, and for some within days and even hours. The uniqueness of the Empower Network Compensation Plan allows your first sale to pay for the entire system. This alone has deflated the attrition rate for most marketers’ downlines and has created numerous success stories in a very short amount of time.

So how exactly are marketers able to receive 100% Commissions with Empower Network?

When people sign up with Empower Network, they are not only becoming affiliates, but also resellers, and upon joining, the first task marketers are led to do is to set up their merchant account. This establishes them as a store owner with the ability to take credit card payments from anyone who chooses to buy from their link. When a purchase is made, instead of going to the company who then takes their cut and disburses the rest amongst the affiliates the payment is made directly to the marketer selling the system. The money literally transfers from the buyer’s credit card to the seller’s account instantly thus giving them 100% of the Commission.

Pass Up Compensation Structure Broken Down

Empower Network’s compensation model is not like many of the more commonly used plans in the industry. First, Empower Network has 3 products, and the compensation plan is separate for each – same plan, different cycles depending on where a person is in terms of sign ups. In short the comp plan works like this:
The 1st, 3rd, and 5th sale goes to the distributor
The 2nd, 4th, 6th, and very 5th sale thereafter pass up to the distributor’s upline.
This happens on every product level independent of one another. So although a distributor may have met it’s pass up requirements for the Basic Membership ($25), he or she still may need to complete one or both of the remaining (Inner Circle $100, and Costa Rica Intensive $500).
It’s a fairly simple compensation structure that provides the distributor with ample opportunity to generate serious income with ease, but also provides enough incentive in the form of a pass up for the upline to encourage and assist with marketing efforts.

Things to Note:

With regard to qualifying sales (pass ups) there are some important factors to keep in mind.
1.       On any sale that is passed up, you also sacrifice their pass ups as well.
Ex: Jack passes up Jill on a $25 membership because she was his 2nd sale. Any $25 membership Jill makes will also pass up skipping Jack and going to the person above him. Yeah… kind of stinks, but the silver lining is that should Jill fall in a slot in either $100 and/or $500 memberships that do not pass up, Jack will retain her qualifying sales (pass ups) on those memberships. 
2.       Pass ups are only counted on direct referrals (personally sponsored reps). Should they not be met, the distributor will lose any pass up sales on that level until filled.
Ex: Jack needs to qualify on his 6th $100, however he has not personally sponsored anyone for that position. Should Jill refer and inner circle member who passes up, that money will go to Jack’s sponsor (upline) until he directly refers someone to that slot.
In spite of the above, do not be dismayed. The goal of the Empower Network is not only that you make massive amounts of income and learn to master the art of blogging daily, but also that you learn to become a skilled marketer by taking advantage of the plug and play system that is available. By following the simple three step system provided by EmpowerNetwork: blog daily, share the system, and of course get paid, you’ll be on your way to sharing your own success story in no time.
So what are you waiting for? Get started now!
All the Best,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Use These Tips and Grow Your Empower Network!

Wow! The Empower Network is burning up the internet world! If you’re reading this, you’re either considering joining the Empower Network or you’ve already done so. The question on your mind now is how to make this thing work! With so many things going on the internet, how will you experience success with this system? The Empower Network is designed to allow you to experience success from a small level to the grandiose. Using the following information, you can grow YOUR Empower Network.
The first thing you need to do after signing up is to set up your merchant account. This is how you get paid for the commissions you earn with the Empower Network. If this isn’t set up, all your work will be for nothing. The commissions you generate will go to your sponsor. With your merchant account in place, when you have a new sign ups, the commissions are deposited DIRECTLY into your checking account! No more waiting for checks in the mail!
Complete your Training series! The Empower Network offers a series of video training that explains exactly what you need to do to make money with the system. The Empower Network is the creation of David Sharpe and David Wood. David Wood is the best internet marketer around. Check out the advice he gives to “newbie” marketers in the video.  It makes sense to do what he says. It is best to complete the initial training all at once. The Empower Network has weekly calls that help you with training and help you grow as an internet marketer. If you are really serious about growing your Empower Network, the calls are not optional! Stay connected to the Network!
After you’ve completed your training, it’s time to go to work! Start using that highly optimized, fully operational wordpress blog! You must plan to blog every day. Yes – EVERY DAY… OK.. at least 5 days per week, but EVERY DAY! You need to provide valuable content to the marketplace. By using your Empower Network blog, your posts will rank higher and faster on Google than with your personal blog. If you already have a personal blog, you can simply copy the post from your blog and paste it into your Empower Network blog. Make sure to at least change the title. You can create an instant backlink for your blog by adding a hyperlink to your Empower Network blog, and vice versa.  Blogging daily may seem like a daunting task. What will you talk about? If that question entered your mind, I highly suggest using the MLM PLR store as a content source!
Finally, talk to people about the Empower Network! Blog about the Empower Network. Those two activities alone will generate leads for your Empower Network. The very design of the Empower Network blog is so that when leads come to your blog, they will opt in to find out what the Empower Network is all about! When you blog, be sure to include a call to action and include your affiliate link for the Empower Network!
The Empower Network is an affiliate opportunity that will help you learn how to market on the internet at a reasonable cost, and generate some income at the same time!
So if you’re ready to get serious, check it out now!
All the Best

Monday, January 16, 2012

Renee’s IM Tool Suite Review

Being able to market your business effectively is every business owner’s goal. We want to be able to reach the masses with various media outlets, but gee… what to choose? There are so many options! There’s video email, mobile marketing, live shows, and the list goes on and on! To subscribe to all these places is a nightmare!  Not anymore! IM Tool Suite has changed all that!
IMTool Suite is the creation of master marketers Jim Chao, Kenny Gregg, and Cedrick Harris. These gentleman joined forces and created a marketing toolbox that will fit your every need, want, and desire… all under one roof! Anyone who is dead set on becoming a marketing master needs IM Tool Suite as the helm!
Features of IM Tool Suites
IM Tool Suite offers every marketing tool you can think of! First up is video email. Video marketing is trending right now. With video email, instead of your recipient just reading text, they will see you, hear you, and feel your expressions. You can ‘talk’ directly to your market.  IM Tool Suite offers you the ability to send a BRANDED video email to your clients within minutes! All you need to do is choose your template, upload your video, choose the recipients and voila! … Branded video email! If they don’t have the template of your choosing, you can design your own.
Live Web Shows
Oh… can you say HSN of the internet? That is what a live web show can do for you. You can connect with your audience and they can connect with you! Can you see the value in being able to have a two-way conversation, and answering in real time? You have the ability to show presentations, screen shots, and just connect with your audience!
Pre-recorded Web channels
Webinar on demand! Consider this: This is the ultimate in branding and creating income over and over again. Imagine that you have created a webinar chock full of valuable content. You can either give this away as a bonus or sell it! This is creating residual income! IM Tool Suite provides the platform that you can leverage to create a revenue stream! You can also use this platform as pre-recorded training for your team. Instead of you spending your precious time training, you can record a webinar covering various topics. The training gets completed at your team member’s convenience. Can you see the value in this alone?
QR Code
The Quick Response (QR) code is making a big splash in the advertising industry. You can put them on your facebook page, business card, T-shirt, … pick a flat surface that can hold print, and you can add a QR code. Anyone with a smart phone can scan the QR code and land at the destination of your choosing! You can direct traffic to whatever website you want with a QR code. You can spend hundreds of dollars getting a QR code designed. IM Tool Suite offers you the capability of creating as many QR codes as your heart desires!
Capture pages
IM Tool Suite helps you design your own capture pages. They give you clues to the type of copy you should have on your capture page. If you can’t think of anything, you can ask for a suggestion. They are pre-designed to where you can add a video if you want or remove it. You can incorporate your AWeber list with your capture page so that you maintain your leads, even if you decide you no longer need IM Tool Suites.
The greatest feature of IM Tool Suite is the training provided to use the system. They have detailed, easy to understand videos that show you how to use every tool in IM Tool Suite. They have little icons called ‘what does this do’ that you can click on to find out what a particular tool does.
This is one of the simplest and most powerful tools any internet marketer could use. It places everything at your fingertips in one place and saves you tons of time.
You get all the above and so much more for $67 per month! IM Tool Suite offers an affiliate program as well. They offer a nice 30% commission when you refer someone who signs up with IM Tool Suites. Once you refer 4 friends, you will earn enough to cover the cost of your IM Tool Suite subscription! Test drive the system today for $5!
If you're serious about making money online you can’t go wrong with IM TOOL Suite, try it out now!
All the Best,
Renee Starms
888-998-9193 / internetmoney@reneestarms.com