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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hmmm.......Old School Postcard Mailing. What do you think?

 I can't believe I am actually writing a post about this but a few days ago I stumbled across a Facebook friend who has been having great success simply mailing postcards.


I was a bit surprised but I thought about it for a  minute then continued to study the information she was sharing. And after much research and watching several videos, I made the following decision;

1. Given the fact that there are still people who may not be totally computer and tech savvy as myself, 😉 there is a whole market of people out there who want to make some decent part time money with a second income stream.

Disabled people, retired people,  even young people who may be having a difficult time finding a job.  And certainly let's not forget about the stay at home mom. ( I fall into the latter category).

This time of year, people need to buy school clothes, supplies, etc. and need money for a whole host of things. The holidays are right around the corner.

So after delving into this idea and getting more and more excited the more information I came across. I gave it a shot, and literally within a few hours of making a post on Facebook I had two people join me, so now I'm on fire.🔥

I can certainly use a few extra hundred bucks 💰💰💰 a week and I;m not ashamed to tell the world I am mailing postcards because it happens to be a pretty traditional marketing thing.

So really!

If you feel the way that I do and just want to test it out. Click here to start for FREE! Yes, FREE! and get the extra money 💰💰💰 you need for your bills.


P.S. Any questions? connect with me on messenger; at m.me/reneestarms

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Is your website mobile friendly?

Click Here to Take the Mobile Friendly Website Test!

In today's world mobile is everything!

The average person looks at ther phone ast least 150 times a day.  Statistics have shown that 60% of Google searches are done by mobile as well.

This is why any business needs to consider having a marketing plan that includes mobile.

We are right now in the  midst of a pretty big shift.

 Currently, emails are opened roughly 20% of the time while the average text message is opened 98% of time and generally within the first 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

These types of statistics can't afford to be overlooked by the small business owner today.

And by the way, 50% of the local searches done on mobile often lead to a visit to the merchant within 1 day.

It's definitely time for businesses to rethink their marketing strategies and consider a solid mobile plan so they aren't left behind.  Their customers are on their mobile devices and they should be too!

So with that said, if you are a business owner or an entreprenuer who wants to capture the mobile market I have great news for you!

There happens to be some new unique and different technology that allows the average small business owner to reach out to mobile devices and share their information just like a Fortune 500 company. Take a look: reneestarms.com/go

The  new day for marketing a business has arrived and  you don't want to be left behind.

Feel free to connect wth me with any questions at m.me/reneestarms


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Videos Are The Wave of the Future for Marketers 📹

Are you using videos in your social media marketing strategy?

If you have been online for any length of time you know how prevalent video marketing had become. 

So why haven't you begun using video? 📹

You do know that you don't have to get in front of the camera, you can use slides, share other's content and a how of other ways to jump on the video marketing train. 

If you need to learn how to market properly to build your business using social media then check this out. 

But nevertheless, don't sleep on this great tool. 

According to the Animoto survey that was done late last year: 

  • 64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month.
  • 92% of marketers make videos with assets they already have.
  • 81% of marketers are optimizing their social videos for mobile viewership, including 39% that are creating square and/or vertical videos.
  • Marketers feel the most confident about reaching customers with video on Facebook and YouTube. Consumers are still viewing on these platforms, but are also starting to expand the platforms where they’re watching branded video content. The top three channels they’re watching videos from brands are Facebook, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat.
Here is an infographic that breaks down the latest stats:

If you are ready to start making an income online using social media and employing the right tactics. Check out this FREE training I have put together to get you on the right track.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Have You Mastered Social Media Prospecting Yet?


Get real training!

I am not writting this to put anyone on blast! I myself have been blogging and marketing online for several years now and I love it but it certainly took me awhile before I began to see results.

I won't bore you with my long depressing story because it was painful. 

I wasted allot of time and money.

The reason why I decided to write this post is because I have something very positive and encouraging to share with you. Click here for your free gift for you too!

I started seeing success when I began to look at social media and online marketing as a complete process. You really have to have a system (which I created a very non-techy simple system to get me going).

And Viola! 

It works!

It doesn't take allot of money, you just have to be dedicated and decide that you are going to make this work. 

Just take these few moments and check out this FREE VIDEO training that I created to show you exactly what I do and how simple the process can be. 

If you don't have the results in your business that you want right now, this will be the most worthwhile 20 minutes you can spend.

After you watch it let me know what you think. 

Also reach out to me with any questions on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/reneestarms/


Monday, May 1, 2017

Hustlewurks Special Offer!

Hey there!

I would like to introduce a new service, Hustlewurks.com where you can get custom introductory videos to polish up your online presence by using our custom services to brand your videos.

These videos will allow you to gain more exposure online and according to Small Business Trends an online business source, smallbiztrends.com

  "a doozy of a statistic: businesses using video grow company revenue 49          percent faster year-over-year than organizations without video."

We are super excited about this new service because this is the growing trend. There are countless studies and statistics which show that videos have HUGE impact on a businesses brand and bottom line. (just check out the article linked above to get an idea).

But there's more, not only will we provide these video enhancement services for you but we will perform a  BONUS SEO search engine optimization strategy to rank your video on the first page of google. (easily worth $500). 

What we do:

  • Place call to action buttons to collect email addresses 
  • Phone numbers to have your audience call you, 
  • Place timers to create urgency for offers
  • Add social share buttons to gain more exposure 

and all of this can be done right inside of your video.

We can also place a host onto your site or before your videos play which can be a 2D or 3D animated person, a human person or even use a green screen and record you!

If you don't currently have a logo we can assist you with this also.

For a limited time, until May 18th, we have special pricing for these services:

Custom logo: Regularly $100 to $300  Now $75

We can create any type of logo. You can send us pictures of ideas or existing designs which can be embellished or used in a new design.

Custom introductory video: $197 to $397 Now $147

Give your website or blog a polished look by having your own custom introductory video that highlights your logo and provides a professional finish to your online presence.

Video Skins: Special bundle 3 for $125 

Using these simple tools is a great way to capture more sales and build a solid customer base. You will be able to take full advantage of the great opportunity that videos offer a small business by capturing emails, creating social shares and even placing paypal buttons on videos to increase sales.

social share reg $75 now $50
email reg $75 now $50
links, phone number reg $75 now $50
paypal button reg $125 now $75

Video Host:

Having your own video host that can be placed on your videos or website can be very helpful in giving call to actions to your audience by telling them exactly what you want them to know while they are on your site.

Animated 2D avatar Reg $100 now $75
Animated 3d avatar Reg $125 now $97
Human avatar reg $147 now $125
Custom green screen avatar reg $500 now $297

Have any questions? Click "set time zone" below and let's chat. Schedule your appointment to get your customized branding tools and take your business to the next level today!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Yaay!!! Facebook Group Video Chat!

Hey there!

For those of you who miss blab and thought it was one of the greatest social media platforms around. It kinds reminded me of Hollywood Squares and it allowed you to meet a ton of great people.

Well, Facebook messenger o bringing back  some of Blab's attributes and they are allowing you to have a chat with up to 6 people of video. Pretty cool right?

It's called Facebook Group Video Chat.

I just downloaded it on my phone. There is supposed to be a desktop version of it as well. So stay tuned for the review.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Like my Facebook Page to stay abreast of exciting new gadgets and tactics in the future. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What is Alignable and what can it do for your business?

 There are so many platforms around and new ones emerging every day that it can be downright daunting for a business owner to determine which ones will work best for their business.

Choosing the right ones requires a bit of research, and a little time and effort. Plus, you want to have an appropriate marketing strategy for that particular platform to ensure getting the greatest results.

If you haven’t heard of it already, then I’d like to introduce you to Alignable.

This is a terrific platform for a local business that wants to employ a simple marketing strategy. There are many tactics that can be employed using Alignable that will generate several leads a day.

For a business that is interested in their local community getting to know, like and trust them. Alignable will be a perfect fit in their marketing strategy.  It may not be the only platform that you use but it can be a wonderful complimentary platform.

Let’s start with The PROS:

It is free
You can direct message other users of the platform.
You can connect with other social media platforms like Linkedin
You can advertise an event or promo.
There is a great question and answer section to engage with the Alignable community. You can respond to a question as well as post one.
You can recommend local businesses that you like and they can return the favor.
You can choose the audience that is right outside your door and put a great offline marketing plan together; coffee meeting, drop off a gift or company info, and any strategy that compliments your business to get a meet face to face.

Here are The CONS:

You have to message individually, you can’t blast a message to several people at once yet so it requires a bit of time to reach a certain number of people.
The platform is relatively new and still growing thus less people on it then Facebook or other platforms.
As you can see, there are more Pros then Cons and frankly no matter what platform you use, you need to have a clear marketing plan in place to be successful anyway.
 One that you can remain consistent doing. This is very important because it takes time to see progress on any platform when you are doing social media, especially organically (free).
If you are thinking about giving Alignable a try, here’s a simple plan that you can use.
As quoted by Eric Groves of Alignable,
The ultimate goal is to build relationships with fellow business owners with whom you're able to refer each other information, resources, and opportunities to grow.”

Here are three simple steps to get started in the right direction:

  1. Create a professional profile. Provide a complete story; a picture, your business website, the products or services you offer, any upcoming events or promotions, etc. They provide you with a few helpful tips as you go through this process.
  2. You can invite people to join you from other social networking platforms, people who have liked your business page on Facebook, Your LinkedIn contacts, and you can upload your current membership list. By doing this you a building a strong network and when you encourage your customer base and fan base to join you, then you are able to make direct connections with others they will bring onto this platform.

 3. Set aside time to go through some of the profiles of other nearby businesses  and connect with them. Look at their information and share it if you feel inclined to do so. This creates great rapport and they usually will return the favor.

4. For the local businesses that you are already familiar with that you see on Alignable simply recommend them.

Once you have created your profile and invited your contacts to join you, let’s devise a simple strategy to grow this platform and get your desired results.

  You can start with a 30 day plan.

  • Set aside 20 minutes a week to go through other local businesses nearby and reach out to 20. Roughly 1 a minute, just say “Hello” and invite them to connect with you.
  • Take another 10 minutes to ask a relevant community question or respond to someone else’s.
  • Host 45 minute meet and greet of Alignable connections within a 5 mile radius, once a month to at your local Startbucks, your office, or Denny’s with breakfast. Provide an incentive –a discount of your services, etc. for attending. Think outside the box and get creative with this one. 

To your marketing success!

P.S. Connect with me and let me know what you think!