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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Get Serious and Start Making Money Online!

Well, it’s that time of year when you think about your future and make plans for the New Year.  And hopefully you will attain the majority of the things you set out to do.
One area of particular importance in most people’s lives is making more money. Who doesn’t need more money!  Even if you have a pretty decent income and only a few bills, there is always something you can do with extra money.  A family vacation,  a new car, or maybe even a new house?
And given all of the great technological advances that our generation has been fortunate enough to have at our disposal, many people are beginning to seek out ways to make money online.  It almost seems too easy in one sense because all you really need to have a business online for the most part is a computer and a phone.  So right now, it’s kinda like the wild wild west,  but if you  are really serious and learn the basic skills of online marketing you can build on them and begin to grow a substantial valid income.
If you’ve been around the internet marketing world for any length of time you’ve probably heard of the Empower Network.  Yes, it’s everywhere but if you haven’t been on a call then you really need to do yourself a favor and get on a call.  And If you know that you  are ready to make changes in 2013 that will have a tremendous positive impact in your financial life then you don’t need to waste any more time just go here and get more information.
Of course, there’s awesome training within Empower Network, you literally have some of the most intelligent and kindest people in the marketing world.  And picking a team like the Dream Team which you become a part of when you join here, Is like icing on the cake.
Did I mention you have the ability to earn 100% commission instantly?
You would certainly be doing yourself  favor in so many ways that are far too much to express in a blog post but if you are new and are simply ready for success, you need to get involved.  It’s this easiest hassle free way to get everything that you need to start making money online. And the cool thing is, you have a community of people who are making great money online as well as those who want to. We all have the same goal and it’s good to learn, be motivated, stay focused and create success, all while EARNING MONEY AT THE SAME TIME.
Don’t take my word for it, just get in....Right here.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Why I took the Empower Network 28 Day Challenge!

Since I have committed to taking this challenge, I decided not to get too overzealous about what I was going to accomplish during these 28 days although I am very excited and glad to be a part of a community that is pushing me to reach for my goals. I want to be realistic with my schedule and obligations yet challenging enough for me to raise the bar in my daily activities. So I have decided that my goal that I would like to accomplish in the next 28 days would be $10,000 in commissions. I consider this a very reasonable amount, yet challenging enough to set me on the path to being consistent and creating within myself the mindset needed to earn more as time goes on. I plan to purchase the inner circle product by Jan 5th  and I should be able to go “all in” and purchase everything by the end of January.
My focus is to blog, market and broadcast to my list daily as well as test all of the  strategies available and decide which one feels comfortable to me.
I am definitely willing to sacrifice the television and shopping. I will not allow myself any more excuses. I know that I am responsible for my success and I am the only one who can determine whether or not I succeed or fail. So, in order to accomplish my goals, I declare 2013 will be the year for me to get up and make things happen. Instead of watching other people “live” and move forward in life enjoying their situation. I am now making a conscious choice to do the same.  No longer will I give up and let life “just happen” to me and not fight back.  In doing this challenge, I realize that I have done this, I have allowed circumstances to stop me. But not anymore, it’s definitely time for a change.
I want to help 20 people learn how to work from home using Empower Network.  I will be sharing information daily and reaching out to people in order to do this. As long as I keep my goals in front of me, this will be an easy task to accomplish.
I will attend the live event in Austin and I will bring at least five people with me. I am soo looking forward to this life changing event and I do understand how important it is to attend events like these.
I will stick to the 28 day challenge and at the end of the 28 days, my goal is to have accomplished bringing 20 people into Empower Network, putting them on the path to working from home and changing their lives for the better. I will also make $10,000 within this time, other people have done it and I will follow their lead.  Attending the Austin event will set the tone for my year and I will build on this challenge by remaining consistent in my work and staying focused on these goals.
If you are ready to challenge yourself and defeat your inner wussie, join us here.  Don’t let 2013 be like 2012, keep reaching and make your dreams come true instead of sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else live their dreams. Woohoo, see you in Austin!
All the Best!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best Advice for 2013!

Last night, my upline in Empower Network did and awesome training. She has decided to create a challenge for our team which leads up to the the Empower Network event in Austin in January.
I was blown away and so encouraged. This was the first time I finally, Got it! She broke down the daily routine of exactly what you have to do to be successful in internet marketing. She demystified the idea of having a “Magic Formula” or “Secret” to creating success in internet marketing, whether it is selling your own products online, mlm, or network marketing.  It simply boils down to being ready to  listen to instruction, follow the steps laid out for you and just get to work.
Sometimes we find every reason on the planet not to do the work, even after we’ve signed on and said we are committed. But I realize now that something has to happen on the inside. You have to make an inner shift and be determined within yourself to “Show up”, “Do the Work” and establish your reasons for getting involved in the first place. When you make a choice to make money online, it’s just like  anything else that offers great rewards but you have to work hard and be consistent because it’s not easy until you master your skills and make this a lifestyle. You have to be very serious with yourself and your business.
One of the great points she made is about changing your mindset. Half the work involved in anything is first conquering it within your mind. You have to feel like you are worthy and capable of achieving your goals. You can’t let whatever issues you are facing in your life right now derail you. There will always be issues we’ll have to face. You just have to decide to fight past them and keep it moving.
Sometimes, as a matter of fact, most of the time, we can be our own worst enemy. Well, when you want to experience the success that many other up and coming marketers are experiencing, like earning   their first 5 figure month, or $1,000 day, or even just your first $100 online. Don’t think so much about it, just do it! It obviously can be done because someone else has done it. If you see yourself in the right way, you know that you will let nothing stop you from doing it, if it’s what you choose to do.
You have to learn to value yourself and your time. STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR LIFE. Take your most precious commodity, your time, and use it wisely. Don’t waste it worrying, or letting it be spent dealing with trivial things. If you have big dreams and are ready to move forward, it’s YOU who has to determine what you are going to do to get there. You have to create goals and break them down into daily bite size chunks.  You can’t let circumstances make the decision for you. If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make time for it. Also, if you feel that you are worthy of what you want, you won’t settle for anything less.
Okay, so I’ve rambled a bit but you get the point. I’m just trying to say, care enough about yourself to commit to doing the things that will make you the best you can be.
With Empower Network, you can see how true the name really is because they literally create leaders. The way the community is created, it makes people get out of their fear and comfort zones so they can earn what they desire and live the life they have dreamed about. All they while, helping other people do the same thing.  I have to admit I fought long and hard, bumping my head against the wall trying to do it my way. I’m so glad my stubborn streak ran its course.  Now I simply follow my leaders and the awesome training in Empower Network.
If are ready to experience real life changing success and get the nitty gritty practical daily skills to make money online that you can use in any endeavor, then click this link and make 2013 your best year yet!
All the Best!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Empower Network is Imperative for the Newbie Marketer

With all of the training provided and the stellar blogging platform that takes away the need to concern yourself with hours of mundane technical work setting your blog up the correct way, it simply makes no sense to start blogging and marketing online without it. There are countless other reasons why as well.

Newbies need to join the Empower Network to get started in online marketing. There’s no two ways about it. Most new marketers have no money, and no idea of what they’re doing. On top of that, they’re marketing to more people who are just as broke as they are. The new marketers that do have money spend every last dime buying every product on the market trying to figure their way out, but they’re still just as lost AND still marketing to broke people. This is why the Empower Network is the prime choice for the new marketer.
The Empower Network provides you with everything you need to market online. You get a Wordpress blog, a sales funnel, a lead capture, page, hosting, a domain… Did you know you needed all that? Would you even know where to find it? The Empower Network gives you everything you need, AND you get it the second you click submit! Do you know how much all that stuff costs? You’re looking at spending hundreds of dollars before you even get started! The Empower Network is $25! Even the BROKEST marketer can find $25 to get started!
The next piece is what makes the Empower Network ROCK! So, you’ve spent 25 whooooole dollars to get started. At this point, you learn how to market the Empower Network online. All you need is one sale to cover your costs. Why? 100% commissions!  Can you do that with your own blog? I’m going to guess… NO!  When you make one sale, you get your $25 investment back! The Empower Network is like OJT! You learn how to market and generate leads, which will earn money!
Speaking of earning money, when you FINALLY make money with other affiliate programs, how long do you think it takes to get it? I’ll tell you… 30 days… 60 days… and sometimes 90 days. When you’re broke, do you really have time to wait for the check to come in the mail? Really? NO! When you need money, you need it NOW! The Empower Network gives you your money NOW! Through the use of a merchant account, the very moment your referral sends payment, you get it deposited into your checking account! It doesn’t get any better than that!
If you’re struggling in your marketing or if you’re new, the Empower Network could be the answer for you. Click here to find out how you can start earning 100% instant commissions!
Instead of wasting countless months, like did, running from various training programs to the next , only making a few hundred dollars, you have the opportunity to get trained by some of the best marketers in the game. All while generating commissions, as well as creating a residual income to boot!
If you’re willing to do the work and follow the training, it’s the closes thing to a guarantee that I can imagine.  Remember, internet marketing is STILL relatively new and there are whole lot more people who will consider online marketing a viable alternative to making a living and they’ll be getting on board all across the world in the next few years. Now is your time to be a frontrunner. So get on board.
All the best!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#1 Reason You Should Give Empower Network A Try

Well, its been over a year now since the very successful launch of Empower Network, the blogging platform that takes away the technical aspect of being a successful blogger.
Not to mention, you can earn 100% commission while you learn how to blog. They have a very interesting compensation plan , explained in more detail here.
The thing that I have found incredibly wonderful about the program is the community. You get allot of encouragement and you learn many different skills and techniques to make money online. No matter what type of business you are promoting.
I have to admit, I lagged behind and went about things the long arduous fool-headed way that only causes you to go broke.  Thank God, I finally woke up and instead of playing with my business, I committed myself to becoming successful so I decided to use the best tools at my disposal to the fullest.
Empower Network, is one of the tools I plan to use to the fullest and here’s why;
What is it, exactly?
Is it a turnkey mlm lead generation system?
Is it a full-blown online attraction marketing funnel?
Is it a super-sexy affiliate program?
Or is it designed as a funded proposal or to replace your primary network marketing business?
Let’s take a closer look…………
Empower network is a fully functional and fully optimized blog  So all you have to do this plug in your information; your name, bio and picture, now that‘s a quick easy setup. It can take less than 20 minutes and you’re up and running with nothing to install.
So now you goal is to;
  1. 1.       Blog Daily
  2. 2.       Market Daily
  3. 3.       Make Money
So let me ask you this? What are you going to blog about? And why would you do that?
If you were not able to answer those questions immediately and without hesitation – then I would suggest you venture over, join our team here and you’ll get complete access to my private team training site where we’ll discuss exactly what you need to be blogging about and why.
One you do start blogging everyday… even more important is to know how to PROMOTE YOUR BLOG – because if you miss this step you will have wasted your time. Social Media elements such as “share this” and the RSS feed is already coded. (Hint: If you do not promote your blog posts you will never get traffic. No traffic means no visitors and no visitors means no sales and no commissions earned!)
But hold on, there are two very important things that you must know to make money with the empower network. So let’s talk more about them now…
Understand, those who already have a list will make money very quickly but for those who do not have a list, they have to build one….The money is in the list.
It only costs$25 per month to join empower network and get your own blog, but if you want to make money with the program you must also sign up for e-wallet which is an additional $19.95 a month so commissions can be deposited directly into your bank account.
Basically, e-wallet is like PayPal and how it works is Empower Network (the company) processes all orders and refunds. They handle everything. Then, once a week, they deposit your earned 100% commissions directly into your new e-wallet account. From there, you can have e-wallet send you a check or make a transfer of your monies directly into your bank account.
Signing up for e-wallet is not a big deal.
They have a short video tutorial that walks you through the entire process which takes about 10 minutes – Pretty easy stuff.
Empower Network for Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is simply selling another person’s product or service to earn a commission and it is by far one of the fastest, easiest ways to get started making a significant income online.
But if you want to get paid in affiliate marketing or even by the empower network – YOU must “set up shop” and start learning how to promote whatever it is you are selling.

Empower Network for Network Marketing
Empower Network can be used as a lead generation, funded proposal type of system.
Simply add highly targeted, keyword-rich articles to your blog – and promote each post to rank well on the search engines.
Consider putting together a short “bootcamp” showing other frustrated network marketers exactly how they could best use EN to generate daily leads on demand, pocket a few extra affiliate commissions and back end their primary. With that said, Empower network, if promoted properly, can be used effectively as an online lead generation system.
The question you need to be asking if you are serious about building a profitable business fast online is HOW are you going to get your products, services and business opportunity in front of people WHILE they are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for whatever it is you are promoting.
HOW do you get your content, your offers and your wisdom to rank on the search engines for the keywords and phrase real people are actually typing in every day when they sit down in front of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube?
Unfortunately, the way the internet works is they rank OLDER SITES with MORE AUTHORITY higher than they rank newer sites with less authority. This means you can literally being doing everything right… but if you have a brand new domain and a brand new web site – you simply will not get any search engine for 3 to 6 months.  So this is where Empower Network comes in, you get an INSTANT AUTHORITY BLOG that ranks!
So you can get in, get busy and start producing results almost overnight. This changes the game completely – regardless of what you are currently promoting or will promote in the future.
Having an authority blog at your disposal puts the odds of success greatly in your favor and gives you a solid 3-6 month head start over those who are setting up their own blogs from scratch because a new blog simply does NOT have any age or authority and simply WILL NOT rank well on the search engines for a good 90-120 days or longer.
Our Empower Network Team Benefits
Joining with my team will provide you with key marketing strategies that will show you how to do 2 things
  • Grow your list of leads
  • Help you market to them to build your business
We know that developing the skills of Internet Marketing can lead to multiple avenues of success for you, starting with Empower Network and a massive opportunity for Financial Success. Without a doubt our team can provide the support and training needed and put you on the fast track to creating wealth. Just be sure you are able to do the following before making a decision:
  • Be Committed
  • Be Consistent
  • Stay Plugged In
  • Follow our System and plug your team in so they can do the same
So with that said, get in, get busy and get on your way to making 2013 your best year and start creating the success and wealth you desire with Empower Network!
All the best,