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Monday, June 6, 2016


Sometimes you have to push past your comfort zone to achieve what you really desire.
It’s amazing how people can spend countless hours watching tv and looking on Facebook getting lost in the newsfeed and let time pass by like it’s limitless.

But it’s also amazing how just a little bit of effort in the right direction can propel you toward your goals if you decide to make a conscious effort to reach them.

I say, PUSH

Push past procrastination
Push past fear
Push past insecurities

These are the real enemies!

Did you know that for the majority of people, the primary reason that’s stopping them from reaching their goals or going for their dreams is 90% within them?

It’s their mindset….It’s how they view themselves and their circumstances.

And then you see those who REGARDLESS of what they have to deal with or whoever told them they were not good enough, they get up and achieve amazing things, and help tons of other people too.

So what would YOU rather do?

Cheat yourself and the world out of your gifts and not live your best life and shine for others to see and be encouraged by


Are you going to PUSH past everything that’s holding you back and get on the journey to being your best self, living your dream and helping others?

Do you realize it is NEVER TOO LATE?

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have been struggling, you can start today!

Heck, START NOW instead on wasting your precious time on Facebook get out a pen and paper and write down 3 things that you would be overjoyed to accomplish before this year is over.

Just start here for now and then read my post tomorrow.

You owe it to yourself because you only have one life to live!


Money in Pocket!

Anyone who desires to create a “real” income online that pays your living expenses and affords you a lifestyle of freedom, most definitely requires an automated system.

You can bump your head against the wall for years (as I did) and think you are just going to blog your way to profits or if you contact so many people a day it’s going to equal x amount of sales and money. 

But let’s be honest, after a while chasing down x number of people a day gets old and is tiring.

You must embrace the internet and learn to leverage it to grow your business. You need to put in place something that works 24 hours a day for you. 

And the way to do this is to set up an online system that works by doing these 3 income producing activities;

     prospecting-the process of reaching out to potential  customers in hopes of finding new business.
    presenting - a demonstration, lecture, or speech that is presented to an audience: gave a presentation on how to use a product and its benefits.
    closing -refers to the process of making a sale.

No matter what business you are in or where you are. You can build your freedom system that focuses on these 3 things.

Make no mistake about it. You can be very skilled in your business, or have great passion but if you want to earn a living doing what you love, you’ve got to focus on these 3 things on a daily business.

Would you like to learn how to do this?