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Monday, May 1, 2017

Hustlewurks Special Offer!

Hey there!

I would like to introduce a new service, Hustlewurks.com where you can get custom introductory videos to polish up your online presence by using our custom services to brand your videos.

These videos will allow you to gain more exposure online and according to Small Business Trends an online business source, smallbiztrends.com

  "a doozy of a statistic: businesses using video grow company revenue 49          percent faster year-over-year than organizations without video."

We are super excited about this new service because this is the growing trend. There are countless studies and statistics which show that videos have HUGE impact on a businesses brand and bottom line. (just check out the article linked above to get an idea).

But there's more, not only will we provide these video enhancement services for you but we will perform a  BONUS SEO search engine optimization strategy to rank your video on the first page of google. (easily worth $500). 

What we do:

  • Place call to action buttons to collect email addresses 
  • Phone numbers to have your audience call you, 
  • Place timers to create urgency for offers
  • Add social share buttons to gain more exposure 

and all of this can be done right inside of your video.

We can also place a host onto your site or before your videos play which can be a 2D or 3D animated person, a human person or even use a green screen and record you!

If you don't currently have a logo we can assist you with this also.

For a limited time, until May 18th, we have special pricing for these services:

Custom logo: Regularly $100 to $300  Now $75

We can create any type of logo. You can send us pictures of ideas or existing designs which can be embellished or used in a new design.

Custom introductory video: $197 to $397 Now $147

Give your website or blog a polished look by having your own custom introductory video that highlights your logo and provides a professional finish to your online presence.

Video Skins: Special bundle 3 for $125 

Using these simple tools is a great way to capture more sales and build a solid customer base. You will be able to take full advantage of the great opportunity that videos offer a small business by capturing emails, creating social shares and even placing paypal buttons on videos to increase sales.

social share reg $75 now $50
email reg $75 now $50
links, phone number reg $75 now $50
paypal button reg $125 now $75

Video Host:

Having your own video host that can be placed on your videos or website can be very helpful in giving call to actions to your audience by telling them exactly what you want them to know while they are on your site.

Animated 2D avatar Reg $100 now $75
Animated 3d avatar Reg $125 now $97
Human avatar reg $147 now $125
Custom green screen avatar reg $500 now $297

Have any questions? Click "set time zone" below and let's chat. Schedule your appointment to get your customized branding tools and take your business to the next level today!