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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! Let's Plan Our Success!

Plan your Success this Year!

Every year we make resolutions and say what we are going to do but it’s really wishful thinking without a plan. It’s up to you and you only to decide that this year will be different.

Whether you succeed or fail depends upon the actions you take.  Yes, I said it, it’s your actions that will make the difference even though most assuredly you will face some trial and tribulations if your goals are such that will really change your life.

But even that doesn’t matter, it’s how you handle it.  The choice is always yours. And oddly enough most trouble comes as a test to see whether we will lay in our weakness or rise to the occasion to get what we want- Victory!

So with that being written, I am just letting you know that you can handle it. You can achieve your goals and reach the success you desire but YOU must make the conscious effort to do what it takes to get there.

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Here are the five major points to keep in mind:
  1. Develop the right plan for you. Some people are very detail-oriented and are able to closely follow an intricate plan. ...
  2. Establish times to spend on it. It might be every Sunday night. ...
  3. Keep a journal. Take notes. ...
  4. Reflect. ...
  5. Set goals. ...
  6. Act on your plan.

So the first thing that you need to do is get yourself a journal and write out, just brainstorm first, everything that you want to accomplish from this day, January 1 to December 31, 2018.

Once you brainstorm, prioritize your goals and then break them down from the ones that you most want to happen and then be sure to get start on the ones that you can just knock out easily and quickly. You know, sometimes we say that we want to do something, for example, take a trip, and we just need to do a bit of research, price the tickets, etc.  and then plan out a schedule in advance to make it happen but we just don’t do it.

But this year, this changes!

Do you know that it’s your nasty little lazy habits and stories in your head that can cause you the biggest hurdles in accomplishing your goals?

There are so many tools and programs out there to help you accomplish your goals and I would simply suggest picking one that works for you. We all have different styles so whatever feels comfortable to you that will get you going is the one that you should choose.

However, I do have a goal setting workbook and you can check it out right here.
 The Workbook

The true keys to getting what you want this year it to:

Be clear on what you want – get as specific as possible

Be consistent – once you prioritize your goals, break them down into bite size activities that you can do on a weekly and daily basis. This will ensure that you are moving closer and closer to your goal.

Take responsibility – Decide right now that you are the one in control no matter what happens, you 
are the one who makes the choice whether you reach your goal or not. 

This should be very encouraging to you. 

Make sure you create balance in your life – The only way to keep at it is to not stress yourself and burn out early because you’ve just done too much of one thing. 

Be mindful of what you do on a daily basis. Don’t cheat yourself.

If you are a visual person.......

Create a dream board. Get some magazines, etc. and cut out the things that you want and arrange them on a board so you can put this up on a wall that you can look at regularly. It may seem silly but it actually works pretty well. Most of the materials that you need to create your board you can get from the 99 cent store. Also, go to a nail salon or beauty shop and ask for last months old magazine like Vogue, Bazaar, Home and Garden, etc.  for the pictures of inspiration that you may need.

Get in the habit of reading books that will encourage you, biographies. personal development books and listen to podcasts. 

You simply have to decide to do whatever it takes to keep you on track to reaching your goals. After all, this is your life.

When you get your courage up, join a challenge. They have many challenges for various thing online or off so that you can measure your activities and be held accountable.

It doesn’t matter what topic, just google it, remember google is your friend. 

Hell, if you have Alexa she may be able to hook you up. 😊

Here’s a worksheet to get you started:

And if you don’t find a community or group to that you think would benefit you in reaching your goal, then start one yourself.

Yep, be proactive. This will have so many immeasurable benefits for you. You will grow and stretch in ways that you don’t even realize.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to simply start a facebook group. You can even market it locally. You can even start a local meetup at meetup.com where you can connect with people who want to do what you do.

Froom there, you can layout the ground rules of your group. Determine how you want it to progress and then create a messenger group or mobile group to stay in touch with your members and provide up to date information.

There is so much around us at our disposal to create the life that we want that we simply overlook them.

If you noticed, most of these things that I have mentioned are free or cost very little.

When you realize that you are in the driver’s seat that sky will be the limit for you. You will not allow obstacles and things that appear big to you at the moment stop you from achieving your goals.

I simply want to encourage you to truly get up and make an effort to live your best life. You can!

So pick any one of these tips if not all of them and go out there and crush it!

Don’t forget to drop me a Happy New Year and let me know what you think. 😊


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