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Friday, May 4, 2018

Why I Chose Builderall

I have been around the online marketing community for quite some time and I have been involved with other blogging platforms and funnel creating programs in the past,  MLSP, Clickfunnels as well as a few others..... 
This is truly the first time that I have seen everything you can possibly need in one platform. 

I have to say, at first, I was skeptical and thought they can't possibly place all of the tools that you need and could easily spend over $1,000 a month for in this one platform. 

Well, I was genuinely happily surprised because I have been searching for a platform like this for years. And this is not a new company, they have been in Europe for over 6 years and just recently came to the U.S.

Furthermore, I have known of Alex Paim (a co-founder) for a few years and I have followed him as well.  

So, why did I choose Builderall? 

The tools work pretty well. Remember, since they have been around for a few years now, they have had the opportunity to iron out the glitches. They are very responsive to their customers and many of the tools have been added because of customer requests. 

I think that's pretty cool! A company that listens to it's customers. :)

There are so many jaw-dropping tools in here that I simply don't know where to start. But Okay, for $29 a month, you can build unlimited websites and many other things to aid you in marketing your business or you can even run your own marketing agency. 

Now that is AAAMAZING! All for the monthly price of $29.99.   

It has a easy to navigate admin. area too. Now let me tell you what you get;

Website builder 
Funnel Builder 
Presentation Builder 
Email System (Marketing and Automation) 
Script Generator 
App Builder 
SEO Tool 
FB Lead Tool 
FB Integration Tools 
FB Inbox Answer 
Video Creator (including floating and animated) 
Design Studio (Graphics) 
The Builderall Academy (with upgrade)
And so much more........... 

Hands down if you are starting out and want to have a professional presence online with all of the tools and training that you could possibly need, then this is the absolute best place for you to start. 


Did I mention that the trainnings are off the charts?  

Website BuilderThere's actually 2 types, a drag and drop as well as a responsive site builder so the sky is the limit to what you can create. They also have over 2,000 templates should you decide to run an agency and take on clients like doctors, bakeries, auto-shops, etc.  

Funnel Builder- This is a very important piece to marketing your business online. Clickfunnels charges over $100 a month for their funnel system and you don’t get half of what you get here. You get full ready to go professional funnels and you can create unlimited funnels of all kinds. 

Presentation Builder – This is pretty slick, you can create all types of presentations and include videos and graphics with it. Dynamic scrolling words or whatever you can think of. I really haven't seen one like this so far. 

Email System – Wow! I have been with Aweber for over 7 years and I pay more than this monthly subscription every month for my email autoresponder alone. This one is included for up to 10,000 subscribers. Did I mention that you can create some pretty cool graphics and customize your emails the way you want?  They also have a great segmentation setup as well. Yes, this is a no-brainer. 

Script Generator – If you have a difficult time writing copy and just need a little prompting. This tool can get you going. It actually does much more than that, it starts by having you create an Avator (no not the blue people in the movie), a person whom you will be addressing as your ideal targeted customer.  This can help you write emails, blog posts, website copy and even webinars.  This can save you countless hours of starring at a blank screen or paper. You simply choose who you are talking to answer a few questions about them and what you want to sell and the verbiage pops out for you revise just the way you want it.  It's like having your own personal copywriter. 

I won't even go into how much money you can make should you choose to market this type of service. $$$

App Builder – There are various type of apps that you can use to stay engaged with your target audience and customers.  

These are just a few apps that I want to expound on; 

SEO Tool – you simply choose your keywords and submit your url then this tool will analyze your keyword and make suggestions for the most optimized keywords to use.  

Facebook Lead Tool – Allows you to create a list of a target niche that you choose to engage with. For example, Pet Shops Los Angeles, and a list of up to 100 pet shops will be created with their contact information, website, etc.  

Facebook Intergration and Inbox Answer Tools – There are a few clever integration tools that enable you to keep the conversation going with you and your prospective clients.  

Video Creator (floating and animated) - You can create all types of really cool videos to use in your marketing campaigns. And it's as easy as uploading your images, graphics and footage and making a few simple clicks to get a professional, polished video.   

Design Studio Tool – Whatever type of graphics you want to create; book covers, product covers, and images can be done easily right at your fingertips.  

Can you believe this is not all? 

There are still any more tools that are as equally helpful and efficient to use but I simply would rather you check it out for yourself. 

If you love this platform as much as I do and want to share it, I suggest you grab your own commercial license where you can share it and sell the platform as well for only $49.99 monthly.   

Should you decide to get a commercial license, you can create a pretty decent residual income. It is a 2-tier commission system where you get paid from the people that you bring in directly and the ones they bring in should they decide to get their commercial license as well. 

Another cool thing about it is, you receive a link which you simply promote. When you join with me I show you step by step how to get started to begin getting leads and creating an income right away!

Of course, you get tons of training on how to do this but everything is automated so there is not much that you have to do in order to get  your business going. ...

On the first tier, which are the people that you bring in, you get 100% commission for their first month. Which means you get the $29.99  or $49.99 they pay for their first monthly fee.

And on their 2nd month, you get 30% of the $29.99 or the $49.99 monthly fee.

On the 2nd Tier, which are the people whom have been brought in by the people that you have brought in, you also earn 30% commission.   

This means you get 30% commission of the monthly fee for every person that you have directly brought in and every person that they bring in.  

This can add up to a great residual income rather quickly. All for a business that can costs less than a cup of coffee a day.WOW! 

So, if you get 3 people to purchase a monthly subscription, your system is FREE.

You are paid weekly, directly into Paypal. When you make a sale, it shows up instantly but you must wait 5 days and then the funds are paid directly into Paypal. Your funds can also be mailed via Fedex in 1 day in the U.S.

Builderall has a 95% Retention  Rate! Who would want to leave a system like this with all of thes tools in it and especially for the price? Not many.

Of those who sign up, 90% upgrade to a professional license. Of course! it just make sense, right?

They even have a car program. Yep! If you bring in 100 active people you get a $500 monthly car bonus and if you reach 200 you get a $1,000 monthly bonus. 

Let's also recognize the fact that you can create various type of businesses and earn as much income as you want. It is literally a business in a box. You can market local business and provide services to them and charge them month fees. You can build a team of marketers and use the residual income and you can also market your own business for pennies compared to your competition purchasing these various tools and services separately.

Did I mention the 95% retention rate? This is because the platform is stellar. After 7 years in business and going strong they have had the opportunity to fix various bugs and kinks.  

When you purchase from  me, you will also get these valuable bonuses to get you up and running quickly. Not to mention my private Facebook group where I will be hosting weekly live q & a sessions to "jump start your business".  

Live Weekly Q & A Webinar ; to get all of your questions answered. Valued at $29 monthly.

Every week there will be a live webinar to walk you through the platform and help you get set up for business.

Access to "The 7 Steps to Social Media Sponsoring Success!" A $497 Value 

"This consists of 36 videos that take you step by step through the entire process of setting up your online presence properly and how to followup and build your business.

In addition,

"The Savvy Small Business Social Media Strategy" Valued at $497

In this  award winning live training, I show you to how to use social media with text messaging to engage prospects. I will show you how to start conversations, the right questions to ask, how to handle objections, as well as when to ask for the sale and close.  You also learn how to create a daily action plan to consistently grow your business and make sales.

You get all of the support and training that you need to create a successful online business. The rest is up to you.


I've wrote enough! Check it out for yourself. no credit card required. There is a 7 day FREE TRIAL. 

If you had read this post to this point. There's no need for you to wait. Click the link above and simply try it out for yourself. 

I look forward to working with you to create your successful business this year!