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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Hey all!

Of course, Google has always been a premiere research tool and there are a few news ones that you can use that are pretty good the Google tool still remains a constant. 

The traditional approach is to use the planner by entering a few "seed" words and then the planner will come up with some more suggestions for you, together with estimates of traffic volume, and an indication of how competitive (or difficult to rank for) each keyword is. But since everyone sees the same results and then targets the same keywords, including your competition. 
Also, as of January 2017 they now require you to have an Adwords account to get the detailed numbers for the keyword search that you do but it shows search volume data in approximate ranges.

Here's an excerpt from an article by: Ankit Singal, 

Google keyword planner is a part of the Google adwords. It is the most popular and free keyword research tool out there. Almost any blogger, newbie or seasoned in SEO can use Google keyword planner to find out related keywords along with their search quantity.
Though the GKP was created for the adwords users to search for keywords that they can bid ads for and drive traffic to their sites, you can use it to find tons of related keywords along with their searches per month.
How it works:
To use the GKP, log in with your Google account here:
The next page is where you can enter your seed keyword and customize your filters for the resultant keywords. GKP offers a wide variety of keywords filters like location, language, negative keywords (keywords that you don’t want) etc.
I like
  • This is the most used keyword research tool and with the knowledge of Google, GKP gives you the largest range of related keywords.
  • You can actually plug in live URLs to filter out the keywords that page is ranking or trying to rank for.
I don't like
  • It is built for advertisers, so it has little to do with keyword competitiveness for publishers.
  • You may not find very unique keyword which no one is targeting. For best profitable keywords, you have to use other keyword research tools as well

I agree with Ankit. :)

The Google Planner is still a great place to start. I would suggest you google the latest articles on keyword research Tools articles to find the top tools when you are ready to pay for them or think you could use more in-depth information.