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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best Advice for Newbies: Get to The No Excuses Summit III

Okay, I must admit, I really don’t like being told what to do and when you hear someone say, “Get to this event” I always think, why? Is it going to drastically change my life in some magical way.   9 times out of 10, you don’t get much out of it and it proves to be a waste of time.
 Well, when I attend the No Excuses Summit II last year, I had a totally different experience. I am sooo glad that I scraped up my change (and dragged my family along) to attended the No Excuses Summit II.  It was the best thing I could have done, I have never been so inspired. Even to this day, a year later, I am so grateful that I went. When you hear the speakers on the webinars tell you it is life changing, it truly is.
You see, if you plan on “really, seriously,” making this business work. You need to get plugged into the community of marketers.  You not only have to learn the best techniques and acquire the right skills and mindset. You have to build your brand and a big part of building your brand is video marketing.  Having video interviews with the “gurus” is a great way to jump start your brand. This alone was worth the trip. Not to mention the encouragement and sense of community I felt. Going to No Excuses gave me the “juice” that I needed to remain in the game for the next year.
Although I attended, I didn’t really know what steps to take to make my business successful. I hadn’t figured out my direction or what I wanted from this business. So I kept things real generic at first, I wanted to get the basics down and develop the right daily strategies for me. So what I did was, make sure I spoke with the leaders in the industry and got advice on what steps I should to take to move forward.
This community is filled with some of the most helpful and caring people. I literally met people from all over of the world; South Africa, Australia, Europe, etc. and even in my own backyard.   There is nothing so motivating to me than seeing people who are making an awesome living or striving to make a living in this industry.  
You see, it’s amazing how new it all is. Just think about it, NES is only in its 3rd year, yet… it’s the biggest internet marketing event of the year worldwide.  Those who understand how powerful internet marketing skills are will not let such an opportunity pass them by.  The people in this industry are the ones who are going to help lead many others to financial freedom.  The NES event is not going anywhere, and how fortunate are we to have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge and acquire all the very best skills necessary to succeed. When we look back 10 years from now, I believe the professionals in this industry will be the most sought after because everyone (and every business) will need to know something about internet marketing to survive.
So do yourself a favor, don’t miss this event. I know that you will thank me later for telling you to go. It doesn’t matter the cost right now because you are truly investing in your future. I have FOUR children  and my husband still works his nine to five.  He thought I was nuts when I told him we had to go to NES II, now he’ sooo happy and excited that we went.
Check out the video interviews I did to your right.  Then be sure to get your tickets right here.  Lastly, let me know that you got your tickets on Facebook.
I hope to see you there.
All the best!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Facebook Fishing!

Go where the fishes are
 If you think about the techniques of fishermen, you will notice that they plan out their trips for the most part to determine where the fishes are.  They leave the dock with the intent to come home with fish, therefore making sure that they strategically seek locations where the fish are bountiful.
In the network marketing world, your strategy should be the same.  You don’t want to aimlessly wander out into the world hoping that someone takes a bite at your bait.  Instead, you want to make sure that you plan to go where the fishes are!!
And as you may know, online networks like Facebook and Twitter are great places to find people if you know how to use them properly. The majority of people on these sites don’t utilize them properly to grow a successful business online.  But, this doesn’t have to be your story.
Once you get the proper training and consistently use the skills and techniques you learn, you’ll be on your way. You will find your recruiting efforts generating more qualified prospects, and will never grow short of finding fish that are willing to bite your bait.
 Do you think people will come to you if you just sit in a corner? No, they won’t. So what you need to do is see more people. You can’t build your network if you just stay in one place and wait for your prospects to come to you. Go out and find them!
If you don’t know where to start, talk to anyone who will stand long enough to listen to you. By doing this, you can hit two birds with one stone. You are able to filter your leads and practice your people skills at the same time.
Or you can also start with your warm market list. Invite your relatives and friends over. Set up a casual meeting and discuss your proposal over a cup of coffee. Strike a relaxed conversation and let them warm up before you bring in the real deal. Don’t jump out instantly. You don’t want to scare them away. If they are interested, follow up. If not, stop right there. You don’t want to put a strain on your relationship by pestering and guilt-feeding them to join you.
Once you’re done with your warm list of prospects, proceed to the cold list of strangers.
Focus on the niche that your product caters to. Are you selling weight-loss products? Then approach people who have weight problems or those who are image conscious. You can also have your warm market refer you to the people who want to shed some pounds off whom they already know.
Let me add disclaimer here, most MLM and Direct Sales companies tell their reps to do just as I have stated above. Go to friends and family to share your product or service. This is usually not the best way to build and sustain a successful business. In today’s environment, it makes much more sense to develop and sustain your business online.
Use the right bait
In order to catch the right fish, fishermen use the right bait. The same goes with a network marketing setting. You must have the right attitude, skills, and the tools to “catch” the right prospects and guide them to the business. Provide quality teaching and a solid support system to your potential and existing business partners. Establish a sense of leadership, valuable relationship, and growth within your organization.
Take note of the cardinal rule in creating a strong and effective network marketing organization:
Help them first—your partners and associates—to get what they want in life before you get what you want. We should use the business to make great people and not to use people to make great business.”
Keep on fishing
 The fishermen don’t stop fishing until they catch a sufficient amount of fish to bring home to their families. They go to the right spots, drop their nets over and over, and catch as many fish as they can.
If your goal is to recruit at least 10 people a day and you manage to achieve 5 recruits by prospecting in just three hours; you can successfully reach your goal if you double up your prospecting hours in a day. It is through increased activity that you can achieve your desired result.
If you practice the principles of the law of the fisherman, you will never let rejection, failure, and disappointment get you down. No matter what obstacle comes your way, you will never allow it to get to you. Establish your own statistics and improve it to achieve great results. Remember, no hard work goes unpaid. Just be patient and all your efforts will pay off.
If you’re not sure where to start or you’re just ready for real results, click here and get these valuable tips.
Wishing You All the Best!
Renee Starms

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Develop an MLM Plan of Action and Become a Successful Network Marketer

With a little bit of effort anyone can master the art of Network Marketing. Whether you realize it or not, we all network in one form or another. It’s apart of our everyday life.

Networking is a very broad concept that is used in all aspects of our life. In general, it’s about a supportive system of sharing information and services among people with common interests. It’s based on the question “How can I help you?” and not “What can you do for me?” An effective networker is very aware of this but there are many people who go about networking the wrong way simply because they have on their mind what they can gain from the other person instead of what value they can give.
Though the idea of Network Marketing can be intimidating and hard to understand, it is a very effective way of growing a business and gaining access to opportunities that you wouldn’t usually have.
So how can you become a successful Network Marketer you ask?
Here are the guidelines that you can follow:
1.      Set your goals and expectations.
It is very important to set clear goals because it helps you identify what you want to accomplish in your business, and the activities required to accomplish them.  Be as specific as possible.
In the process of establishing your plan, you want to map out both your short-term and long-term goals. It’s not enough to have them in your mind. You want to write down actionable goals, what it takes to make them happen, and check them off as you go. Set daily tasks that you will accomplish to bring your desired results to fruition.
Once you have identified your goals, you need to be clear on what kind of results you are expecting. Remember, your expectations should be relative to the amount of time and effort you’re bringing into the business. Don’t anticipate for results if you’re not doing anything.  Remember that you can only reap what you have sowed. As the bible says, if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly.
For example, if you set a short term goal to generate an extra $500 per month in your business, you need to be very specific about what kind of sales and team building is necessary to generate $500.  If your company pays a fast start bonus of $100 for each person you recruit into the business, you know that you need to sign up 5 people every month to generate the extra $500.
However, if you know you can only invest an hour a week into your business, and you won’t make time to prospect, recruit, expose and follow up with leads for your business, then you can’t possibly expect to earn $500 per month based on the limited time that you are investing into your business.
2.      Take ownership of the business.
How? By becoming the product of your own product. Be a living testimony. Use the product or service of the network marketing company you’ve joined. You have to convince yourself first that the product is effective before you go on telling others about it. This also helps you build up confidence when you share the product with others. Acquire the necessary tools and bring them with you whenever you’re out searching for leads.
3.      Be a Core Person.
In order to become an effective network marketer, you have to be a core person—a leader. Take initiative and become a role model by plugging into the systems and training that your company and team has put in place and do what you are expecting others to do.
Spend time sharpening your axe and discovering your genius by reading books, attending personal development seminars and listening to audio cd’s about your industry. By undergoing these necessary trainings and skill-building activities, you’ll develop leadership skills that others would be willing to follow and your impact within your organization will become influential and highly respected.
4.      Master the art of Leverage.
Do you want to achieve maximum results by only giving minimum output? That is what leverage in Network Marketing is all about. It is the art of multiplying time and effort by means of duplication.
Duplicate yourself through other people and you can easily multiply your sources of income beyond your expectations. It is best illustrated by using the Five-Step Empowerment Principle of Dr. John Maxwell. This principle is an effective system in developing the potential skills of other people until the craft has been mastered and can be passed on to others.
            I DO IT                                                           I Model
            I DO IT AND YOU WATCH                                   I Mentor
            YOU DO IT AND I WATCH                                   I Monitor
            YOU DO IT                                                   You Move Forward
            YOU DO IT WITH SOMEBODY ELSE     We Multiply
Network marketing can be a very enjoyable endeavor once you’ve learned the ropes. With the right attitude, preparation, and practice, everything will flow naturally. Before you know it, you’re already on your way to success. Just remember to always live by this formula:
Goals + Actions = Results
Don’t be afraid to get up and start, just remember to do your daily tasks and you’ll surprise yourself at how quickly the results will follow.
If you need to master the steps to become a successful network marketer, Click here! For free training.
Wishing you the best!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Know Your Prospect!

When you are looking to recruit someone to your team, you need to know WHO an ideal prospect is, and what to look for when searching for them? In a nutshell, a prospect is someone who could benefit from the opportunity that your company provides.  Your goal is to 1) find out if they could benefit from the opportunity and 2) let them know about the opportunity and 3) make sure they are interested.

You are going to run across allot of people who may need your opportunity and could benefit from it but you also need to make sure they are interested. This may not happen initially but at some point during the first few contacts, this will be very important since it will keep you from wasting precious time and resources.

Think about this very carefully.  As you go through each day and you are looking for prospects, you are looking for someone who has a problem that your company can provide a solution for.

So who is someone who could benefit from what you have to offer?  Generally it is someone who might be looking for:

-          Additional Income
-          Flexibility
-          Security
-          Different Lifestyle
-          Vacations
-          Special Company specific benefit

Your company may have certain nutritional benefits, or legal benefits that may be of particular interest to certain people.  Whatever that list of benefits is…commit them to memory.  That list is something that will be a catalyst for you. 

When you hear someone who mentions ANY of those buzz words, it should send bells ringing!  They are a prospect.  They can benefit from what your company has to offer!

Exposing Them To The Solution

Now that you’ve found someone who can benefit,   the next piece of the puzzle is to let them know about the opportunity your company has. This is your opportunity to say:

“I couldn’t help but to hear that you are looking for ______.  I know exactly how you feel!!  I felt the same way about six months ago!  I found a great opportunity to change that when I started my business with _______.  Can I give you some information about them?”

With this simple statement you have let them know that you heard their “issue”.  You/your Company has a benefit that can solve it through the opportunity they provide. And, you have connected with a prospect.

You will find that almost everyone is a prospect.  And if they aren’t, they generally know someone who is!  The key is to keep your ears open.  And then don’t be afraid to open your mouth shortly afterwards!  At least give them a chance to hear about what you have to offer. Once they are aware of your company, if they aren’t interested they will usually let you know sooner rather than later.

Nothing is worse than KNOWING someone is a prospect…and then watch them walk away in the opposite direction because you were too stifled to do something about it!

Trust me, I have done this before and it’s definitely not a good feeling.  When you see a prospect you must understand that you might be denying them the opportunity and help that they truly need. So don’t be scared or ashamed to mention it to them.  It could make all the difference in the world.

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Good luck and happy prospecting!

Renee Starms

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Facts and Fallacies of Network Marketing

Over the years, misconceptions about network marketing have mounted dramatically. These false presumptions have been passed on from one inexperienced network marketer to the other, all the more adding misguided information. So how are these incorrect notions different from the truth?
To address these challenges, I wanted to answer a few common questions that many people have regarding the industry, giving you valid insight into whether it’s fact or fiction.  And share how you can address these common questions if you’re also being asked them on a regular basis.
Some of the common questions that I often get from others are:
  • Is network marketing really a scam?
  • I just signed up with an MLM company; will I get rich in a month’s time?
  • Are those in my warm market really my ideal prospects?
  • Should I approach any individual looking for extra income, with my business?
Fallacy: Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scam
Fact: Though there are many companies out there, posing as MLM business models, the Network Marketing industry is not a pyramid scam.  Although Pyramid Schemes do exist, they are defined as companies that are established solely for the purposes of recruiting people into the organization without the exchange of goods and services or selling of any products.
With the freedom of the Internet, it isn’t hard to create a magnificent website, put a comp plan together and begin marketing a company.  However, it doesn’t take much to sniff out these types of schemes.
The easiest way to determine if a company is legit or not is to seek out a customer service number and call to see how they have the support lines set up.  You can also sniff out a fraud when they don’t have a headquarters.  No legitimate Network Marketing Company will be void of having an actual company headquarters.
There are additional ways that you can determine the legitimacy of a company by doing more due diligence.  But the bottom line is this; before you join any MLM company, spend time researching the people behind the management team, the leaders history and track record and the professional structure of the company. Not only will doing this save you money, it will also prevent you from wasting your time.
Fallacy: I can get rich quickly by joining a network marketing company
Fact: Money doesn’t come easy. Not even in network marketing. It takes a lot of time, marketing effort, and sales to be extremely successful in this industry. Like any other traditional business, you have to put forth some level of effort in order to generate profits. The major difference between a Network Marketing business and a traditional business franchise is that it takes less time and less investment to get started, and you don’t have to work twelve hours a day to generate profits. By utilizing effective marketing strategies and techniques, you’ll be well on your way to success in a much more rapid time than it would have taken you in a traditional business setting.

Fallacy: Your warm market are your best prospective leads.
Fact: Your warm market may be your ideal prospects initially, but they’re also simply your starting point. Many people feel like “they don’t know enough people” to build a successful business.  But it’s a fact that each person knows at least 30 people (really its way more than that).  You start off with your warm market and you begin to ask for others that they know, amidst meeting new individuals in places like your church, salon or barber shop, community service, pta, kids soccer or basketball games, etc.
You don’t want to put all your hope in your warm market being your ticket to wealth.  They’re simply a starting point to get your engine revved up, and once you’ve connected with them, you build through their referrals and new connections.
Fallacy: Network Marketing is ideal for any individual seeking an additional source of income.
Fact: Not all people can warm up to the idea of network marketing and many of them may not see the industry as an ideal source of profits. Some people have their minds tainted with misconceptions while some are simply not part of the niche that the company caters to.
Before you start convincing your prospects to join your company, make sure that they have a fresh outlook on the industry and that they’re the ideal person for the business.
Well, This is a starting point for some of the facts and fallacies in network marketing. If you are ready to learn what it really tales to become an effective marketer no matter what mlm or business you are promoting.
Click here!
All the best!
Renee Starms

Monday, February 13, 2012

Use The Ultimate Funded Proposal to Jumpstart your Marketing Efforts

Empower Network is the ultimate funded proposal and solves two of the most common problems all internet marketers face at some time in their career:  the ability to generate income while building their primary opportunity, and finding quality prospects for their business. In order to really understand the magnitude of what Empower Network can do for your business let’s take a look at the concept of the funded proposal.

What Is a Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a type of marketing model that does three things:
1.       Offers a low priced product on the front end providing a consistent stream of income to fund business overhead expenses such as advertising, training, and other marketing needs.
2.       Generate Leads
3.       Builds social proof by creating stories with the reps that follow your system.
With a funded proposal it’s easy to qualify leads, as a person who invests in the product you’re offering on the front end is far more willing to consider your primary opportunity once they come to know and trust you as a leader who can show them how to get results quickly.

Empower Network Creates Cash Flow and Success Stories

Depending on your network and level of influence, if you were to ask someone to joining your primary opportunity for $300 and above, more than likely they would tell you “no” without batting an eye. The reasons why will vary, and at the surface level it’s nothing personal. However behind that “no”, what’s really being said is that they are not confident enough in you as a leader because you have not achieved any results worthy of them making the investment.
Using the Empower Network system as a funded proposal helps you achieve more yes answers by giving you a story. When you come into EmpowerNetwork for $25, your first sale pays for the system causing you to break even. Any income earned after that (whether you upgrade to the Inner Circle or Costa Rica Intensive) puts you in profit mode.
Imagine the impact of not only generating your own results, but showing others who may have never earned money in their MLM opportunity how to do the same? Not only will you be creating cash flow for yourself but you have just established yourself as a leader. That’s powerful.  And because Empower Network comes complete with all the tools you’ll need to market the system your time and resources can be focused on activities that will provide the most return on your investment such as bringing more people into the system and funneling them into your primary opportunity.
So to recap here’s why Empower Network is the ultimate funded proposal:
·         The basic membership cost just $25 giving you a low end product to market to your list and new prospects
·         One sale breaks even. Two sales (excluding the passup) put you in profit mode.
·         The moment you do the same for your reps, you’ve given yourself some credibility as a leader.
To top it all off, Empower Network pays you 100% commission for each membership you sell making it easy to generate massive amounts of money in no time.  Once you have people who are duplicating you by helping others generate income online with The Empower Network, they will be much more likely to join your primary business. 
If you are serious about having a successful blog and want to start off the right way with the proper training, give The Empower Network a try.
All the Best,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2 Ways to Profit in Your First 30 Days in MLM

Now that you’re all signed up, excited and ready to build a thriving business, it’s time to consider exactly what you need to do in the first 30 days to turn a profit.

In the Network Marketing Industry, there’s basically 2 ways to generate an income. They are:

1.      Retail
2.      Recruiting

Although there are several steps involved in each process, we are going to focus on what you need to know to turn a profit in the first 30 days of building your business.

#1) Retail

When you initially attended your company meeting, or was exposed to the opportunity, there was obviously something that made you a believer in your company and what they have to offer. 

Whether it was the compensation plan, the products or just the culture, you found something that you felt you could share with others to help impact their lives like yours was impacted.

When it comes to sharing your product and gaining customers, your passion, belief and enthusiasm are critical. However, there are a few additional elements that you MUST consider before racing off to spread the word about your company and their products with the world, which are:

A. What need does your product serve?
B. Who wants what you have to offer and are ready to buy it today?
C. Why do they want it? (What benefit will they get from owning and purchasing your product?)
D. Why should they buy it from you?

As convinced as we often are about the benefits of our company products and how everyone could benefit from them, you still want to consider the needs of your potential buyers and how their quality of life will be enhanced because of buying this product.

Network Marketing is a sales business, and in order to retail as many products as possible, you have to implement the sales process, which is:

A. Build a rapport with your potential customer
B. Ask questions to create a need
C. Listen intently
D. Share how your product will solve their problem
E. Get the commitment and Seal the deal

The more conversational you become with your prospects without trying to “push” the sale on them, the more you’ll find them closing themselves on the products just by asking them the right questions and allowing them the freedom to talk and share with you exactly what their hot buttons are that you can sell them on!

#2) Recruiting

The true leverage in building your core business is in building a team of people who duplicate your efforts, while increasing the volume and profits of your organization.  This is often the most feared aspect of the business because we often associate our “new recruits” with family and friends that we assume are going to dodge us at the next family gathering.

Recruiting can actually be the most exciting part of the business if you “change your mindset” about what recruiting really is.  Although you have personal numbers and goals you want to meet so that you can earn a nice paycheck, recruiting shouldn’t just be viewed as a payday.  It’s actually an opportunity to impact and change someone’s life, while opening a door for them to discover financial freedom and a whole new way of living.

There’s so much more to joining a Network Marketing business than making money.  Of course that’s a critical part of why people join, but there are also the benefits of connecting with positive people, enhancing your personal development and learning your strengths and weaknesses.  There are also opportunities to go to places you never imagined, and even potentially work for yourself fully, without ever going back to clocking in at a 9 to 5. 

The minute you learn to interpret the benefits of your new “Millionaire Fraternity or Sorority”, you will find that people are dying to go with you to the next meeting, just to meet some of the inspiring leaders that you’ve been boasting about.

To recruit effectively, share the benefits of being connected, rather than forcing them in for a paycheck.  They will be able to see the difference, and you will too when it comes to your paycheck.

Once you learn how to sale and recruit effectively, it won’t matter which opportunity you become involved in. You will always be able to run your business successfully.  In addition, always look for opportunities that you believe in because when you are running a successful mlm business, it becomes more of a lifestyle.

With that said, I would like you to take a moment and look at one of the companies that I really believe in. I’ll be posting a blog about Elite Profit Network very soon. In the meantime, should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

All the Best!