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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The #1 Marketing Tool Today

What Is The #1 Marketing Tool Today?

It’s your customer’s cell phone.       

Yes, that’s correct, your existing customer can be your #1 profit center.  So text message marketing for small business is on the rise.

All that is required is an automated consistent marketing plan put in place to communicate with them.  
This may sound daunting but it is quite simple and there are numerous ways to do it. Does sms marketing work?

You just need to make sure that your communication is engaging and interactive then this will ensure you create lifelong repeat customers.

You may be thinking to yourself, I don’t have time to do this but you really can’t afford not to do it.  

Every day more and more businesses are incorporating a marketing campaign that reaches their existing customers and potential customers through text messaging.  This is waht makes small business sms marketing the most efficient way to reach customers.

Most businesses create a plan that utilizes social media and offline marketing strategies to grow a pretty substantial customer base. SMS text marketing goes hand in hand with all other media assets.

Did I mention how efficient, effective and inexpensive this can be?

Here are a few simple statistics to give you a clearer idea of what I mean:

·         8.3 Trillion text messages are sent every year
·         On average, people look at their cell phone 150 times a day
·         98% of people open their text message within 3 minutes of receiving them (much less for social media and email)
·         45% of text messages get a response

Shall I go on?

You can walk outside right now and look around you and see how many people are carrying their cell phones. The average person simply does not leave home without one.

So, it’s no wonder that text message marketing is by far the best way to engage and interact with your potential customers or existing customers.

How do I do this?... You ask.

Well, this can be done in a number of ways. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that your objective is to FOCUS ON BUILDING YOUR LIST!

The proper steps would be:

1.     Create a clear marketing objective with a timeframe for your campaign; do you want to increase sales? What dollar amount do you want to make? How many more customers do you want on your list?

2.      Determine who your ideal customer is; age, gender, demographic, behaviors, interest, etc.

3.      Create a single clear message about your product or service and stay consistent. But be conservative with your texting, once a week, every two weeks, or longer. Make sure it’s something new, interesting or exciting. You don’t want to people to unsubscribe.

4.      Make your messages attractive and engaging -make them an offer that they can’t refuse. Don’t be stingy provide a real discount like 50% off, buy one get one free, get a free drink with your order.  Get the idea? Whatever makes sense for your business.

5.      With texting, it’s important to select the right keyword. For example; text Food, Bobthegroomer, 50%off to 44753. 
      You can also create a VIP club or a Birthday Club, etc., where your customers can text to join and receive something for their birthday or a special discount for being a VIP.
      You can clearly see the great opportunity text message marketing can do for various types of businesses. The sky is the limit to the type of marketing that you can do and it doesn’t matter whether you have a location, work at home or have an online business. 

However, it has proven to work exceptionally well for restaurants, realtors and retail stores.
So, I’d like to ask you……

How are you marketing your business?

And if you are not using text message marketing you should be because your competitors are or they soon will be.

Thanks for reading!

Don't you think its time to get ready for the holidays with an awesome text campaign?

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